Best Minecraft Server Hosting Apex Hosting Review in 2022

Minecraft Server Hosting

In this article you will know about the best Minecraft server hosting, Apex hosting review in 2022, including features, pricing, pros and cons, and connections to other Minecraft Hosting Platforms.

Minecraft Apex Hosting Review 

Pinnacle Minecraft Hosting competes with other market players. This tutorial will pick you in determining whether Apex hosting is worth your money in the long run. We will conduct a thorough examination of Apex Hosting’s numerous features and determine whether the platform’s pricing plans are reasonable. Read this comprehensive guide and feature comparison of other platforms to determine if Pinnacle Server Hosting is the best Minecraft Server Hosting. Read our post on how to find Server IP Address in Minecraft.

Apex Hosting Review

A Minecraft server host is a business that hosts or stores your Minecraft games for you and your fellow players. If you decide to run your own Minecraft server, it is critical to pick one that you can rely on for a smooth video gaming experience.

Apex Hosting Review

The advantages of running your own Minecraft server include:

• The flexibility to choose which Minecraft mods to set and which to decide-out.

• Create a small neighborhood or team of players out of your closest friends and family members.

• With your server, you are only required to be concerned about guidelines that apply to your area.

• Your Minecraft server can be a great mentor tool for teaching young minds about decision-making and behavioral elements. Also check, Minecraft Texture Packs.

• You can monetize your Minecraft servers through in-game marketing and web store creation.

Peak server hosting is rapidly climbing the ranks to claim the title of the most potent Minecraft hosting server available on the market today, with a variety of options to choose from. Thanks to their continuous offering of discounts and special offers, apex hosting has a devoted user base of around 100,000 worldwide.

It offers users both a domain and hosting servers powered by a suitable cPanel types Multicraft tool function that ensures easy management of your website and a smoother video gaming experience.

It also provides Minecraft servers in significant locations such as South America, the United States, Canada, Asia, Europe, and Africa. Recently, the platform has served as a hosting platform for players from over 70 countries worldwide.

Has Minecraft been released?

No, Minecraft is a Microsoft-certified game, and the price varies depending on the platform version you select. The Windows version is currently around $29.99, while the PS4 version is about $19.99.

Is Apex Hosting free of charge?

No, it charges users a specific amount based on their purchase plan. The starting price is $3.99. They do, however, offer an initial 25% off as a discount rate upon registration.

What are the prerequisites for hosting a Minecraft server?

Response: Your requirements will be determined by the number of gamers on the server; the greater the number, the larger the recommended RAM size. For example, if there are ten players, 1GB of RAM is advised.

Recommendation for a Minimum Requirement

Minimum Requirement Recommended
1 GB Ram 2 GB RAM
1 CPU Core 2 CPU Core


Apex Hosting Features

Apex Hosting Features

1. Domain

When selecting a Minecraft hosting server, it is essential to choose a domain. The name of the domain you receive from Pinnacle Server Hosting includes an area code that indicates where it is located. Because the domain apexmc will follow the area label, the domain name makes it simple for your website to be easily identifiable.

It will become the face of your server, assisting you in attracting more gamers and growing your community.

2. Interface

Apex User Interface

Without a robust interface, hosting a Minecraft server becomes nearly impossible. Users will abandon an interface that is difficult to use and begin looking for alternatives if it is difficult to use. You don’t have to worry about that with Apex Hosting. It is a helpful website, owing primarily to its Multicraft tools feature.

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This tool provides a function similar to cPanel, allowing for smooth interface management. Furthermore, the platform’s flexibility and overall austerity make it compatible with almost all applications and mods readily available on the market.

3. Database

A good database is essential for running a smooth Minecraft hosting website. If the database isn’t large enough, the management and hosting of these games will be a disaster. Fortunately, Pinnacle server hosting provides precisely what users require in terms of databases.

Given that the MySQL system is already recommended, the hosting provider provides users with access to a robust database system. This certified sound database system is well-known worldwide as one of the most dependable open source databases. Apex Hosting gives you the option of selecting memory up to 4GB, depending on the bundle you pick.

4. Storage

Similarly to databases, you have the option of selecting from various storage capacities based on the amount you are willing to pay. You can choose from server spaces ranging from 1GB to 4GB.

The server area you select will ultimately determine the level of service you receive and other factors such as the number of gamers and the server’s capacity. So, if you want to get the most out of this platform, we suggest going for the highest rates package. Also read, how to Allocate more RAM to Minecraft.

5. Security

Security is a significant concern when hosting your own Minecraft server because it necessitates extra effort to protect players’ privacy and information. You can’t expect to grow your video gaming community if you don’t have adequate security procedures in place.

Apex Hosting’s networks are well protected against small and large-scale DDoS attacks, ensuring the safety of players. It takes care of this and offers security measures such as SSL certificates to ensure optimal data security and privacy.

If security is your primary concern, we suggest that you select the most expensive package, as you will be able to create a server without constantly worrying about it.

6. Client Assistance

Apex Hosting’s 24/7 customer service is possibly its most important benefit to their clients. The customer support team is well-organized, with live chat available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So you can contact their technical support team at any time of day if you are dealing with problems with your video gaming experience.

We were very impressed with the service. There are no long waits, and any issues that arise are resolved quickly so that you can get back to gaming.

Pinnacle: Benefits and Drawbacks

Apex Hosting Benefits

• Raid SSDs

• Access to FTP

• MySQL database databases

• Immediate Setup.

• Consistently Reliable Uptime

• 9 Geographical Locations to decide

• Subdomain for free.

• Automated backups

• Compatibility with mod packs

• New clients receive an introductory discount

• Live Customer Service is available 24/7, seven days a week

Drawbacks Apex Hosting

• No dedicated IP address

• No advanced features such as VPS Dedicated Servers

• Fairly Expensive Pricing

• Limited Availability in Multiple Languages

Apex Server Hosting Pricing

Apex Hosting’s pricing plans are solely based on the amount of RAM you require for your server. It may cause users to become perplexed. On the other hand, Pinnacle Server Hosting provides guidelines to help you choose the best rate package for you. It is important to remember that if you intend to install any additional plugins or Mods, you will require more RAM than expected.

Furthermore, you can get a 5% discount if you buy a 3-month package or a 10% discount if you buy a yearly package.

Plan Name Space RAM Price $
Basic Servers 1 GB 1 GB 4.49 /Month
Servers and Some Modpacks 2 GB 2 GB 7.49 /Month
Servers and Some Modpacks 3 GB 3 GB 11.24 /Month
Servers and Most Modpacks 4 GB 4 GB 14.99 /Month
Servers and Most Modpacks 5 GB 5GB 18.74 /Month
Servers and All Modpacks 6 GB 6GB 22.49 /Month
Servers and All Modpacks 7 GB 7 GB 26.24 /Month
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Apex Server Hosting Pricing

Apex Hosting Installation

Apex Hosting installation eliminates any unnecessary tasks you may encounter on other platforms. It takes advantage of an automated and immediate setup advantage. In general, hosts can take hours to get the activation up and running, whereas, with Peak Server Hosting, you can have your own concrete Minecraft hosting server in seconds.

The following is the installation procedure:

1. Select a Strategy.

2. Provide your personal information.

3. Select a payment method to complete the transaction.

4. As soon as you pay, your account will be activated, and you can begin customizing your site.

As previously stated, customization is easy thanks to the Multicraft tool provided by the hosting platform.

Apex Hosting Vs. Other Minecraft Hosting Platforms

Hostinger is one of the most widespread hosting platforms and is typically the most preferred hosting platform for Minecraft hosting server users. Unlike Peak, Hostinger does provide users with a dedicated VPS server. As a result, users are rewarded with the dependable resources needed to host Minecraft.

Although Apex Hosting is less expensive, Hostinger offers a much more powerful server for the price it charges its users. On the other hand, Pinnacle Server Hosting provides penny-pinching clients with a variety of low-cost options that Hostinger does not.


Provider Apex Hosting Hostinger Shockbyte
RAM 1 GB 2 GB 1 GB
No of Players 12 70 20
Price $ 4.49/month 8.95/month 2.50/month
Uptime 99.9% 99.9% 100%
DDoS Protection
Multicraft Panel
Instant Setup


Apart from the preceding, Apex Hosting and Hostinger can boast easy installation, a comprehensive interface, and a strong client support team. Shockbyte is an Australian company that makes waves by leasing gaming servers such as Minecraft.

The critical area where Shockbyte outperforms Pinnacle Server Hosting is in the pricing package it employs. Shockbyte offers a server that can support up to 20 players on a 1 GB RAM capacity for a slightly lower cost. Aside from that, Apex and Shockbyte provide similar services to their customers.

Why Should You Use Apex Server Hosting?

Apex Hosting is one of the best Minecraft hosting companies on the market, if not the best, with a consistently running uptime and a variety of advanced tools at their disposal. With 100,000 users and counting, you can rest assured that the platform has the clout to be labeled trusted.

There are numerous pricing options to choose from, catering to clients with various preferences and budgets. It is also simple and easy to set up and manage and run, thanks in large part to its Multicraft tool function.

This platform does not provide a dedicated VPS server may irritate some users and pose a problem if your server grows in size. On the other hand, Apex Hosting delivers in spades for those who can look past this obvious disadvantage and seek nothing more than a smooth and straightforward Minecraft hosting experience.


Apex Hosting came late to the game but made up for it by offering useful features at market-leading prices.  It has a simple but appealing user interface and plenty of storage. Apex also offers a dynamic database to host your Minecraft server and is highly secure.

The platform has our highest recommendation due to its consistent uptime. If it adds more features and continues to develop, we can safely predict that Apex Hosting will soon dominate the Minecraft Hosting space.

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