Use Corrlinks To Email Your Family

How to Use Corrlinks To Email Your Family Friends

This article will explain how to use Corrlinks to email your family friends. CorrLinks is the authorized email system through which federal inmates communicate with the outside world. The Bureau of Prisons provides inmates with access to the Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System (TRULINCS), which allows them to send emails to friends and family on the outside. TRULINCS is simple to use, but those unfamiliar with it may struggle. That’s why Technedo has put together this quick guide to using CorrLinks.

Use Corrlinks to E-mail your Family & Friends

This tutorial is for you if you have received an email invitation from CorrLinks or if you want to learn how to use it so you can communicate with someone you know within the system.

What is CorrLinks?

CorrLinks is a hybrid of email and a bulletin board. CorrLinks employs a relay rather than allowing us to send emails directly back and forth as we do with other services. The inmate logs in CorrLinks to send the email, and the recipient is prompted to log into their CorrLinks account in request to view the message. The reader can then use CorrLinks to compose a response, and the process continues.

CorrLinks is managed by the same private contractor who manages TRULINCS. CorrLinks is not accessible for inmates, but it is free outside. The cost of using TRULINCS varies depending on the facility, but the average appears to be around $0.05 per minute. Also check, best free disposable Email accounts.

When inmates want to contact someone outside, they log into CorrLinks and enter the email address and message of the person they wish to get. The system auto-generates an email and sends it on the inmate’s behalf to that person. There is no natural or real-time contact between them.

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Using CorrLinks from the outside

If you are not a Bureau of Prisons employee, you will receive an invitation to create an account and arrange everything up before you can read the message the first time someone contacts you through CorrLinks. You will receive the invitation via email and need to log into the CorrLinks system before beginning to begin corresponding.

If you know an inmate will be contacting you, you can set up a CorrLinks account ahead of time on this page. Ignore the inmate specifics until you have a better understanding of them. You will be able to set the account.

What is CorrLinks


Replying to a CorrLinks request

You will receive a request if an inmate wishes to contact you via CorrLinks. It will look like this:

How To Use Corrlinks to E-mail

You consent to the Bureau of Prisons staff monitoring the content of all electronic messages exchanged by approving electronic correspondence with federal prisoners.

The prisoner will be notified electronically once you have registered with CorrLinks and approved the prisoner for correspondence.

For more information, go to programs/trulincs faq.jsp for Frequently Asked Questions page.

You only need one thing from this email: the Identification Code. That is the inmate’s system ID, and it will be used to relay messages to them. You can either follow the link to CorrLinks directly from the email or navigate on your own.

Log in if you have already set a CorrLinks account. If you don’t already have one, create one now by clicking the Register button. Add out the form in the next window with your information. Use the same email address that the inmate used to add you, and include their Identification Code at the bottom. Check the code twice because this is their contact address for CorrLinks.

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Enter the Inmate Identification Code again on the next screen and check the box next to Enable Email Alert. When you have a message waiting, this will send an alert to your regular email inbox. When you’re finished, click Accept.

You will receive a verification email from [email protected] in your inbox. It will most likely say something along the lines of ‘CorrLinks Sign Up Verification Link.’ To verify your account, click on the link provided. To complete your setup, achieve the Account Details form and click Next.

The Mailbox will be displayed on the following screen. The majority of your time with CorrLinks will be spent here. You can send emails from this window as needed. Choose an inmate from the dropdown menu and enter your message. When you’re finished, click Send. Also check, Get your temporary disposable email address.

Remember that nothing is private when using CorrLinks, so be careful what you say!

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