Best Free Disposable Email Accounts

Temporary Disposable Email Address and its Use

This article explain how to make free disposable Email accounts for temporary use.These accounts are known as Fake email account, temporary email account and disposable email account. Here we list some of the best free disposable email account services. Disposable email accounts have many advantages over regular email accounts, but they also have drawbacks. Disposable or temporary email accounts come in various shapes and sizes, each with its own set of features.

We’ll examine the best free disposable email accounts to get you online with an actual email address that you can use, just like a regular email account in seconds.

What Is a Disposable Email Account?

Disposable email accounts aren’t the same as permanent ones like Gmail,, Yahoo, etc. They are also typically anonymous email accounts, which means you can sign up for one without disclosing your name, phone number, home address, or other personal information.

When you’re signing up for a user account that you’ll only use temporarily or that you’re sure you won’t need to read emails from, you might use a disposable email address.

For example, suppose you have a bank account. In that case, you should avoid using a disposable address because you may need bank statements or access to a recovery email if you forget your password.

Suppose you’re trying out a service or using a trial version of something. In that case, a temporary email account will get you the email you need to complete the initial sign-up process, and then you can forget about it (i.e., ignore the email address and not write down the password).

If you don’t want to give your actual email address, you can use a “fake” one. Avoid spam, sign up for something quickly, communicate with someone temporarily, avoid data breaches against your primary account, and so on. If for no other reason, try a disposable email account to see how they work; you’ll probably find a few uses for one.

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However, unlike “normal” email services, disposable/temporary email accounts typically lack advanced features such as the ability to see when someone has read your email, move emails to folders based on rules, save contacts, export messages, create fun signatures, and frequently even send an email (most only let you receive them).

Important: To reiterate, using temporary email addresses as your primary method of receiving emails from important websites is not recommended. You should use a private email service or a secure account to which only you have access.


Best Email Accounts for Temporary Use

Several services provide temporary email addresses. These are the best of the best:

• 10 Minute Mail: A random email address expires in ten minutes unless you request an extension.

• MailDrop: Create your email addresses or use one generated at random, and return to your inbox whenever you want.

• EmailOnDeck: Send anonymous emails to different EmailOnDeck users and receive messages from any email address. Accounts expire after a certain number of hours.

• Guerrilla Mail: Send emails (and attachments) to any address, receive emails from any address, scramble your email address, delete specific emails, pick your username (the part before “@”), and choose from a variety of domains (the part after “@”).

• Provides two-day email addresses only valid for two days.


How to Make Use of Them

Let’s look at a couple of these services to see how they work.

If you frequently need temporary, expiring email addresses, 10 Minute Mail should be a go-to. When you visit the website, you are redirected to an email address with a 10-minute countdown until it expires, after which the emails and account are no longer accessible.

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temporary email account

There’s a copy button to copy the email address quickly you’re given, as well as a refresh button to reset the time to 10 minutes if necessary.

You can refresh the timer as many times as you want, but if you leave the page and forget to restore, you won’t be able to receive your emails; instead, you’ll be given a new address with another countdown until it expires.

MailDrop differs from 10 Minute Mail in that there is no countdown counting down until the email account expires. Also read best alternatives 10MinuteMail

You can also create your username for the email address rather than being stuck with the random, often long username that comes with 10 Minute Mail addresses — type a username in the box provided on the website and select GO to access your new inbox instantly.

Another feature that distinguishes MailDrop is that the messages remain on the email account indefinitely rather than deleting all emails when a time limit is reached. So, for example, when you select your username, you will open that specific MailDrop account, which may already contain messages.

MailDrop Free Disposable Email Account

MailDrop also provides an alias address, which differs from the MailDrop address but delivers messages to the primary inbox. So if you don’t want to give out your already-anonymous email address, this is a great option!

Furthermore, with the MailDrop disposable email service, you can enter any username when asked for your email address on another website, go to, enter the username you already chose, and view the messages.

Try it out for yourself: Choose a random username, such as 1234box, and pick it after the URL, as shown here:

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