Ethernet Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration


The “Ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration” error is a common internet connection. It means that your computer lacks a valid IP address and thus cannot access the internet.

As infuriating as this error is, it is easily remedied. So, here’s how to fix this error and prevent it from happening again.

The error “Ethernet Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration”

Your PC must have a valid IP address before it can communicate with your router and the internet. You won’t be able to access emails, social media, online streaming services, or anything else if it doesn’t have one.

Ethernet Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration FIXED

This error usually occurs when your Network Interface Card (NIC) has a fault, is out of date, or refuses to play ball. Fortunately, there are several simple solutions:


  1. Restart your system
  2. Reinstall your network adapter
  3. Reboot your router
  4. Launch the network adapter troubleshooter
  5. Restart the Winsock
  6. Reinstall or update the network adapter driver


1. Restart Your system

The simplest and most straightforward way to fix an invalid Ethernet configuration is to restart your system. A system restart has the added benefit of resetting all of your incoming and outgoing connections. Although “turning it off and on again” appears to be an old-fashioned option, the number of issues it can fix is astounding.


2. Reset Your Network Adapter

Resetting network adapter is another way to refresh your IP address configuration.

To open the Settings window, press Windows Key + I.

Reset Your Network Adapter

Select network status in the search bar and choose the first option.

Select Change adapter options from the Advanced network settings menu.

Right-click your Ethernet connection and select Disable (this also works for faulty Wi-Fi connections). Wait for some time, then right-click and select Enable. After you enable the Ethernet connection, you should get a new IP address to clear the invalid IP configuration.

Resetting the network adapter is also valuable for resolving unidentified networks and other internet problems in Windows 10.


3. Restart Your Router

Resetting your router, like restarting your computer, can fix various internet connection issues. In terms of the “Ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration error,” restarting your router allows your router to configure a new IP address for your computer.

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Your router may have a power switch, which is usually found on the back of the device. You can switch off the power, leave a few seconds, and then switch it back on. If your router lacks a power button, then you can switch the plug off at the socket.

Remember to leave a few seconds after turning off the router before turning it back on. Those seconds allow the router IP configuration to reset, which resolves the invalid IP configuration error.


4. Launch the Network Adapter Troubleshooter

Windows 10 includes troubleshooting tools for many common issues, including the network adapter.

Network Adapter Troubleshooter

Hold Windows Key + S, type network adapter, and select Find and fix network adapter problems.

Select Advanced, then check to Apply repairs automatically, then Run as Administrator.

Now, you may be prompted to enter your Windows password.

fix problems with your network adapter

Next, choose your Ethernet network adapter from the list. Finally, complete the troubleshooting tool by answering the questions about the invalid IP configuration. Relying on the nature of the problem discovered by the network adapter troubleshooter, you may see various questions. Also check Who’s Connected to Your WiFi Network


5. Reset The Winsock

The Windows Socket is also known as Winsock, that is a core Windows feature that handles incoming and outgoing data requests for internet-connected programs. The Winsock, in essence, aids in the management of your internet connection and the software that wishes to use it.

Along with the Winsock reset, a few commands can be used to reconfigure your Ethernet IP address.

In Start Menu search bar, type command prompt, select the Best Match and then Run as Administrator.

Then, enter the below mentioned commands one at a time, pressing Enter after each one:

  • ipconfig /flushdns
  • ipconfig /renew
  • nbtstat –R
  • nbtstat –RR
  • netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt
  • netsh winsock reset
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It will help if you restarted your computer after entering the final command and seeing a successful completion message.

The Command Prompt cmd is a powerful Windows tool with many features. With the best Command Prompt commands that every Windows user should know, you can gain more control over your system.


6. Reinstall Or Update Network Connection Driver

Windows 10 updates your drivers automatically. However, you may still experience a driver error. You can manually update the drivers associated with your Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections to ensure that it isn’t the source of your internet connection issue.

Select Device Manager from the menu by pressing Windows Key + X.

To view a list of network drivers for your device, select Network adapters.

Look for the Ethernet connection driver.

The name of the network adapter driver typically indicates which driver you are looking for.

Update Driver

For example, my laptop’s network adapter is a Qualcomm Atheros Gigabit Ethernet Controller, which is simple to identify.

Once you’ve located your Ethernet network adapter driver, right-click it and select Update Driver. Select Search automatically for drivers, and Windows will automatically search your system for the best driver. If a more recent driver is found, Windows will install it automatically.

Search automatically for drivers

Drivers can cause other issues throughout your system. Here’s how to fix your USB 3.0 ports if they’re not working.

Error Fixing Ethernet Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration

These are the top five solutions for fixing the invalid IP configuration error message. The appearance of this error is irritating, especially if you are attempting to complete a work or download a critical file. However, one of the solutions listed above should reset your Ethernet IP configuration and restore your internet connection.

Hopefully, the invalid IP configuration error problem with your Windows network get fixed by using above methods. Please bookmark us and share this post with your friends.

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