Enable Google Docs Dark Mode

Google Docs Dark Mode

Here we will discuss, How to make google docs dark mode on PC and how to enable dark mode in the Google Docs mobile App. Both methods are very simple; you just follow the steps.

If you use Google Apps in your professional workflow, you’ll be happy to realize that the tech giant has released new features that help users to customize the look of Google Docs. It began in 2020, and the Google slides dark mode will allow you to choose a different look if you are tired of the app’s standard light mode.

Using a night mode for google docs like, Microsoft Word, Docs, Sheets, or Slides app can also help you save battery life on your smartphone. This, in turn, allows for extended smartphone usage time. Second, using the dark theme feature at night helps to reduce eye strain. This mode is beneficial for those who are used to working on data late at night in offices.

How To Enable Google Docs Dark Mode

The dark background in Google apps or Chrome also helps to combat the harmful blue light that the standard background emits and acts as a battery saver. However, make sure to enjoy the dark theme experience regularly, or it may harm your eyes. First, let’s go over the quick steps to put your google on dark mode.

How to Use Google Docs Dark Mode Chrome


1. Navigate to the Chrome web store and search for and install the Google Docs dark mode extension.

2. Depending on your needs, toggle the dark theme options on and off.

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Now that you’ve covered the fundamentals let’s move on to the specifics, accompanied by images.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Google Docs on a PC

The fundamental step is to install a Chrome extension to use Chrome’s dark mode feature on a PC.

1. Search For The Dark Theme Extension On The Web Store

To begin the process, launch Google Chrome. Then, in the Chrome web store, search for a Google Docs Dark Mode extension.

Install the darkish theme Chrome extension

2. Adjust The Dark Theme For Google Docs Options

Now, from the Chrome browser’s top right corner, launch the night mode Chrome extension. You will be presented with two options.

The first option darkens the area around the Google Doc.

night mode Chrome extension

The second option darkens the Google documents themselves while leaving the web content white.

Google documents Dark mode

You can use either option to create a completely dark effect, as long as it doesn’t strain your eyes.

How to Enable Dark Mode in the Google Docs Mobile App

The iOS or Android app process to make Google docs dark theme takes slightly longer than the computer system method.

1. Open The Google Docs App

Google Docs app

Open the Google Docs app on your Android or iPad device.

2. Tap On The Three Horizontal Lines

Enable Dark Mode In Google Docs App On Mobile

To open the menu, tap on the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner.

3. Select Settings

Dark Mode In Google Docs Settings

From the menu, select Settings.

4. Tap On Choose Theme

Choose Dark Theme

Select the Choose Theme option.

5. Select Dark Mode

documents dark on android

There will be three options presented to you; choose Dark Mode from the list.

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Unlike a PC, you cannot darken the documents on an Android phone; only the interface darkens when the dark mode theme is enabled.

For many Google app users, the ability to customize their appearance is critical. Because Google Docs has a white background by default, It is possible to change it by using the dark theme setting on a computer or an Android system. The methods shown above are clear and simple ways to enable Google Docs dark mode.

We also advise caution about the frequency with which the dark theme is used, as excessive use can harm the eyes. The decision to enable night mode in Google Docs is influenced by the user’s desire to customize the Google apps.


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