Best Ways to Add Pdf into Word

In this article, we go over how to add pdf into Word, insert pdf into word 365, insert pdf into word as image, insert pdf into word mac, insert whole pdf file into Word, & installed pdf in Word. Since 1983 when it was primarily created, Microsoft Word has evolved. Not just in the number of versions, although, additionally, in just how much you can do with it. Given, numerous free word processing programs are great options to Word, but it remains the most prominent.

Word offers several functions that help you provide a wide range of different records, and some can be puzzling if you are not well-known or familiar with them. Anyone of these is the Insert PDF to Word tool, enabling you to insert a PDF document into a Word file in its entirety or affix it as a clickable object. There are ample different methods you can go about importing an insert pdf into Word, & we are going to reveal you a couple of so you can choose the one that’s the perfect fit for your situation.

Keep in mind: The steps listed below put on Word 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, & Word for Office 365.


9 Best Ways How You Can Insert Pdf into Word

In this post, you can find the top-notch and best nine ways how you can insert pdf into Word here is the list below;

1. Use Insert Object Tool

You can insert pdf into word file right into a Word record by embedding it as an item. By doing this, the initial web page of the PDF shows up in the record and enters into it when put.

If you make any modifications to the PDF document, they will not review the Word document since the PDF is not connected to the source documents any longer. You can rearrange, resize, recolor, connect a boundary, & control text twisting around the object.

Open Word and also place the cursor where you desire the PDF inserted as an item.

Press the Insert tab on the menu bar.

In the Text team, tap on Object.

In the Target dialog box, tap the Create from Documents tab.

Click Browse to locate the PDF data you wish to insert.

Hit OK to install the PDF into the Word file. You will see the PDF seem on the selected web page.

2. Insert PDF As a Static Image

With this arrangement, you can insert pdf into word file into a fixed image & afterward insert right into your Word record. The variation is that it’s not editable, and any modifications made to the PDF resource file will not be assessed words document after that.

You will need a tool that can switch your PDF file to JPG style. If it’s one web page, nonetheless, you can record its components, making use of the built-in Windows Snipping device or an alternative like SnagIt, and then conserve as a JPG data in a place you can locate and place right into Word quickly.

Open up Word as well as place the arrow where you would such as the picture inserted.

Click the Insert tab on the list bar.

Tap Photo to open the Insert Photo dialog box.

Situate the JPG documents where you saved it last, and click Insert to put the photo in your Word paper.’

3. Apply a PDF Converter To Insert a PDF To Word As An Image

There are ample excellent and cost-free online PDF converters you can use to convert your documents into images and even put them into your Word document. Select one that sustains your preferred picture documents style like JPG or PNG. For this, we will see us Smallpdf, yet you can pick one that you like.

Open up the PDF converter program online, and select PDF to JPG.

Click Select Documents to upload your PDF file from its existing location.

The program will transform your file right into pictures. When it is done, pick Single Essence Images or Convert whole pages (in this case, I selected the last) and then tap the Pick option.

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Your file will undoubtedly be converted into JPG style, ready to be downloaded and install. Tap Download Documents (ZIP) folder (you can also download each image independently, but for a multiple-page PDF, it can be tiresome and too taxing).

Go to Downloads on your PC. Right-click the data you’ve just downloaded, as well as choose Extract All.

Next, go to your Word file and click the Insert tab from the menu bar.

Select Image to open up the Insert Photo dialog box, and then find the JPG files drawn out from the ZIP folder you downloaded.

Tap Insert to place the image( s) into the Word record. Edit them to fit the issue of your text.

4. Insert Text From a PDF File To Word

Likewise, you can import a section of text insert pdf into word data using the Insert Things tool, & drop it right into words document. Nevertheless, this will merely put the text without the original formatting or graphics (if any type) from the PDF documents, so it’ll not look precisely the same.

Open Word and location your arrow where you would certainly like the message positioned.

Hit the Insert tab on the menu bar.

Under Text team, tap the down arrowhead alongside Object.

Select Text From Documents.

In the Insert Data dialog box, most likely to the PDF documents you want to insert message from and tap Insert.

When the PDF is transformed into the message, it will show up in your Word document.

You can even insert pdf into word file with Word 2013 or 2016, which converts it to editable text that you can then replicate & paste right into your Word record.

The PDF Reflow attribute in Word 2013 and 2016 pulls web content from the PDF and moves it into a.docx file while maintaining the format details as high as possible. For much better conversion, although you can open the PDF in Acrobat and export it to a Word file.

5. Put PDF To Word As a Linked Object

In this instance, a linked object indicates the complete PDF documents will be put, yet it will just look like the record’s initial page and linked to the source file.

You can choose to have it presented as a symbol rather than the file research. Either way, you can start the file when you pick the symbol or preview. Any type of changes you make to the initial PDF documents will undoubtedly be shown in words paper.

Open up Word and also position your arrow where you would such as the PDF put as linked things.

Tap the Insert tab on the food selection bar.

Under Text team, click Things.

Select Produce From File tab in the Object dialog box.

Click Browse and pick the PDF documents you desire to put.

Tap Link File to Submit to place the faster way.

Open Present as Icon if you desire the data placed as a symbol instead of a preview (initial page). You can additionally display it with various icons by clicking Change Icon > Browse to choose a symbol, and after that, hit OK, or press Go into.

Press OK to include the PDF documents faster way (icon or sneak peek) to word paper.

6. Copy The PDF File Into Word

It’s a less sophisticated approach to putting messages from the PDF data into your Word document. Although it does not copy any kind of graphics or message format from the initial data, they will not look the same. We are likely to describe the steps to take if you are using Adobe Acrobat Visitor, yet you can utilize your default PDF visitor app as well, although the actions might be slightly various.

Open your PDF documents.

Right-click anywhere on the paper and also click Select Tool.

Select the message you want to replicate, right-tap the choice, & click Duplicate.

Open Word as well as paste the text where you want it on the paper.

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You can convert your PDF to Word by utilizing Adobe Acrobat DC to position the components in a separate Word paper instead of insert pdf into Word.

7. Use The Full Variant Of Adobe

You can send a PDF to Word and bypass all of the various other actions pointed out above if you have Adobe’s full variation. The program has an integrated converter you can utilize to import your PDF documents and also convert it right into Word. The transformed paper is of a better and far better formatting than the common PDF to Word conversion from Word 2013 and 2016.

Open Adobe Acrobat as well as click Export PDF.

Select the layout you want to convert the file to– in this case, Word– and tap Export.

Insert the converted data right into your Word paper by clicking Insert > Item > Develop from Data > Browse and situate words paper converted from Acrobat.

If you like to put the file as an image, you can open it in Adobe Acrobat and tap Save As or Save As Various other and select your recommended image format (JPG, PNG, TIFF, etc.). Acrobat will convert any page into an image file that you can place right into the Word paper.

This approach is additionally extra safe for your records contrasted to using an on the internet PDF converter, specifically if they’re sensitive. The only downside of this method is the price of Adobe Acrobat, which probably not be suitable for every single individual.

8. Insert PDF To Word Using a Mac

If you are utilizing a Mac, the actions to put a PDF file into Word are relatively comparable, yet with a few mild distinctions.

Open your Word file in the Mac variation of Office.

Tap Insert as well as choose Object.

In the dialog box that opens, Press From Documents & select the PDF documents.

Click Open to put the documents right into Word

Distinctions Between Windows & Mac When Inserting PDF To Word

Mac enables you to preview and select the web pages from the PDF documents that you desire put into the Word document; Windows merely inserts the initial web page of the PDF file.

To insert a PDF to Word utilizing Mac, you do not have to choose to Develop from File > Browse as you would certainly in Windows; just tap Insert Things > From File.

If you just need a message from the PDF, Mac has a built-in Sneak peek tool. Open up the PDF in Preview, click the Text Tool, highlight your text, & afterward copy and paste it into Word.

9. Using Google Docs

You can additionally insert pdf into Word using Google Docs.

Open Up Google Docs and click New > Data Upload, and after that, click the PDF file.

Once it’s posted to your drive, right-tap the PDF documents and pick Open up with > Google Docs.

The PDF is currently inserted right into Google Docs. You can replicate and also paste the Word file you would love to combine with it in Docs, edit it, and after that, download it as a Microsoft Word data. Click Documents > Download > Microsoft Word.

This method’s drawback is it doesn’t use the same format as in the initial PDF documents. Additionally, it’s a little bit sluggish when placing the record, has documents dimension limitations, and needs to combine your Word paper after opening up the PDF in Docs.

Can I Utilize Word Online To Put PDF documents Into a Word paper?

It is not possible to place a PDF file in Word Online. Nonetheless, you can edit the PDF in Word Online. Upgrade its content, or duplicate from PDF and also paste it into a Word record offline.


Dear Visitors, we hope you now recognize how to insert pdf into Word right into your Word document. You can try to ease any of these methods or techniques and see which one functions perfectly for your situation.

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