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Animoji, also known as animated memoji or emoji, is a graphical representation of conventional emoticons. It got popular as an inbuilt feature in apple smart devices. Although, for the users using Android, this feature was not there. So for solving this issue, Animoji applications are used. Animoji Applications enables Android users to make their Animojis without being an inbuilt feature of Android. Additionally, it allows apple users to modify existing Animoji or get the latest emoji out there. You can also customize these memojis in your animated avatar or give a 3D effect to the emojis.

Using these Animoji applications, you get more resourceful while expressing your thoughts. It introduces exceptionally high-level expression and graphics that are not feasible with traditional text emoticons. You can configure your voice in these emojis, making it a memoji. Talking smileys are even better and comfortable to express. You can also implement your voice in any emoji, including your personalized avatar or animals, or whatnot!

Moreover, you can design your 3D image, animated image, colorful and crazy avatar. So go ahead and start exploring your favorite emojis from the collection of best Animoji apps. Find Photo Sketch Apps here.

Best Animoji Apps For Android

Top 10 Animoji Apps:

  1. Disney Emoji Blitz
  2. Bemoji
  3. MojiPop
  4. Face Cam
  5. Emojidom Animated
  6. Mirror Moji Maker
  7. Emoji Maker
  9. EMOJI Face Recorder
  10. Bitmoji


Best Animoji Apps For Android

1. Disney Emoji Blitz:

Emoji Blitz, by Disney, is one of the most used Animoji apps. It is available to iOS and android users for free. Using Animoji from Disney’s characters makes chatting more entertaining. You can select any Disney, Pixar avatar, or star wars and use it while talking.

This app provides ample expression to set on Disney stars like Cinderella, Dory, Lion king, little mermaid, etc. Apart from this Animojis, this app also has a massive collection of trendy animated stickers for different occasions, which keep on updating. Additionally, it allows traditional emoticons but with improved graphics.

Best Animoji Apps For Android

2. Bemoji:

Bemoji application is known for its 3D avatar creator feature. This app enables you to create your animated version using your face capture. It offers options to make you lookalike inspired character and use the same as emoji and GIFs. Also, it provides a wide range of trendy stickers and emojis. You can also customize or add new expressions to already existing Animojis. This application is available for android and iOS users for free.

However, it does provides a paid app option that compromises a considerable collection of Animojis and GIF with ample advanced features to customize and design your 3D avatar.

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Best Animoji Apps For Android

3. MojiPop:

MojiPop is a remarkable app for designing animated stickers. It lets you take your picture and then use it to make your crazy cartoon stickers. Also, you can set the MojiPop keyboard for accessing MojiPop emojis and stickers quickly. Besides that, you can mark your stickers as favorite to directly obtain them later in chat. These stickers are quite expressive as they get saved as GIFs and can be used over platforms that support GIF format. It can be used over iOS and Android devices for free.

Best Animoji Apps For Android

4. Face Cam:

Face Cam is another fantastic app for memoji or facemoji. This app allows you to create your facemoji and customize it with tons of free expressions for creating different Animojis. With available skin tones, hairstyles, hair color, accessories, and eye color, you can customize your facemoji to look more similar to you.

You can use the same feature to make Animoji for your friends and family and share over chat. One of the most fantastic features is the Animoji video. Yes! You can even create your Animoji videos and use a wide variety of filters available to make it crazier. Plus, it supports group memoji, where you can create facemoji for two people together.

Best Animoji Apps For Android

5. Emojidom Animated:

Emojidom Smileys are quite famous, but this application allows you to use EmojiDom smileys with animated touch using GIF format. Yes! You can now use your favorite EmojiDom expressions but with a trendy touch.

Moreover, designing your avatars and customizable stickers can be a lot of time-consuming and seems a waste of time for some people. Although chatting without emojis could be boring at times, and you may fail to express yourself in words. So Emojidom is the perfect option for those who do not want any 3D avatar. Additionally, you can customize emojidom smileys for adding desired expressions.

Best Animoji Apps For Android

6. Mirror Moji Maker:

Mirror Moji Maker application facilitates you with numerous Animoji app features. First, it provides the facemoji functionality to enable you to design your look-alike animated character. You can use it in memoji or GIF configuration.

It also gives an Animoji keyboard option to set a mirror app emoji keyboard to enable you to use this Animojis overall application. In this way, it prevents you from saving these Animojis whole apps again and again. This app also works as a meme creator or generator. You will get the latest memes and meme layout updated in the meme creator section. You can even create text GIFs and emojis using this app.

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Best Animoji Apps For Android

7. Emoji Maker:

Emoji Maker application enables you to create your memoji and use it on WhatsApp. Using Animoji makes your WhatsApp chat more joyful and expressive, as using inbuilt emoji could be too dull. With all available pieces in the emoji creator feature, you can create Animoji of your preference and expression. This application is exclusively obtainable for Android users.

As soon as you create the Animoji look, you can apply the same look for a complete sticker pack. That allows you to have your character with all available expressions. Finally, add it to WhatsApp for chatting.


Best Animoji Apps For Android


Zepeto Animoji app is a fantastic app for creating emoji that are your 3D animation. You can use a phone camera to take a selfie and use the same to design different looks and expressions. It enables customizing your avatar as per trendy color and styles available in-app. You can download this application in your android and iOS mobiles for free.

Before setting your animated character, you can use Virtual haircut applications to try new haircuts and look and implement that picture as your animoji. Additionally, this app does provide options for taking photos and videos with amazing filters and frames. It even allows you to make memes and keep you updated with the latest trends.

Best Animoji Apps For Android

9. EMOJI Face Recorder:

Emoji Face Recorder is a very different application that allows you to record your face movements and voice. Later you can select from the available range of animals and characters within this app and apply recorded actions to the same. This way, the style chosen will mimic your effect, making a 3D and live emoji. This application is accessible to android and iOS users for free.

Best Animoji Apps For Android

10. Bitmoji:

Bitmoji is a cartoon avatar application for making expressive Animoji. This application makes your chatting more funny and interactive. You can create a cartoon avatar for yourself and use the same over different chatting apps. If you’re using bitmoji in Snapchat, you get the additional feature of friendmoji that means two people emoji together. This application is available for android and iOS Users. .

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