How To Change Your Netflix Plan

How To Change Your Netflix Plan:

Although different companies have released their very own streaming services, all they have done is trying to keep up with Netflix. They are trying to compete with their business model. Still, no matter what alteration and upheaval they introduce, Netflix fires back by adding it as well.

This trend is not likely to stop or slow down anytime soon, which is because numerous people have decided to stick with Netflix. The service, as you probably know, provides a variety of plan options to its users. Here’s more about Netflix’s plans and its method to change to a different one.

Switching Netflix Plans:

Whether your goal is switching to a cheaper plan or going for the one with more extensive features, changing your Netflix plan is relatively simple. However, there are two main ways to improve your Netflix plan. Using the site is the obvious one, but, interestingly, you can use iTunes to change your Netflix plan, also.

Change Your Netflix Plan

The Website:

First, go to the Netflix page and sign-in to your account. You can not change your Netflix plan using your smart TV or the Netflix application on your pocket device. You are going to have to use a browser. You can do all of this through your smartphone, but using the PC browser is quicker.

Now, navigate to the upper right section and select the primary profile that you are using. Just note that you need to log-in through it to change your Netflix plan.

In your profile section, navigate to Plan Details and tap this option. The next page will show your current plan. Next to your current plan, you will see the Change Plan option. Click it, depending on the device you are using. Depending on your region, you’ll have various plans at your disposal. Although, in the majority of areas, you will have three main streaming plans, such as (SD), (UHD) and (HD). These three plans feature different prices.

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Before making your choice, you must keep in mind your internet connection. With SD content, the required speed is 3 Mbps. HD content recommended at least 5 Mbps. And at least 25 Mbps is required for the UHD content.

If you can not see some of these options, they may not be obtainable in your region. Then, select the plan that you want to switch to, and tap Continue. All the changes that you have made will be in effect as of your next billing cycle.

Change Your Netflix Plan


If you are using iTunes for your Netflix payments, you will also use the iTunes app to switch plans. At first, open the iTunes app on your PC. At the top of the window in iTunes, tap Sign-in if needed. If you are not signed in to your iTunes account, make sure that you enter your Apple credentials. Your Netflix credentials will not work here. You must use the same Apple ID that you use to pay for your Netflix subscription. Now, navigate to your profile image, tap it, and then select Account Info. Enter your Apple ID again if prompted. In your iTunes account page, find Subscriptions, tap this section, and then choose Manage.

Here, you will see your iTunes subscriptions. If you are using this account to pay for your Netflix, this list of subscriptions will include Netflix. Now, select the plan that you desire. The changes will come in effect with the next billing cycle. Change your Netflix plan and that’s all.

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Changing Plans:

Hope change your Netflix plan will helps you. Numerous people will switch their Netflix plan via browser, but, as you can see, you can also do it through iTunes. Try this tutorial to change your Netflix plan and enjoy the current one, whichever you want; you can go with it. Have you ever changed your Netflix plan? Which one did you prefer, and why? Join in on the comments section below and feel free to give your opinion in change your Netflix plan.

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