How Do I Turn Off Voice on Roku TV

Turn Off Voice on Roku TV

Although Roku’s screen reader feature improves your streaming experience, you may not enjoy the narrator’s voice. Occasionally, it may have been mistakenly activated. In such situations, you may disable or Turn Off Voice on Roku TV.

Well, you can disable it in the settings with or without your Roku control. Additionally, you can disable it using the playback control. So, without further ado, let’s begin with the procedure for how you turn off voice on Roku TV.

How to Turn Off Voice on Roku TV in Simple Steps

Turn off the voice narration on your Roku device: By clicking the Asterisk button on the Roku remote, you may easily Turn Off Voice on Roku TV. Four times concurrently. Nonetheless, if you cannot disable it with your remote, you might examine the alternatives listed below.

From Settings

The Audio Guide feature on Roku is named Screen Reader. You can therefore find it in your Roku’s accessibility options and disable it. Here are the necessary steps.

On your Roku remote, press the Home button.

Afterward, scroll down and select Settings > Accessibility.

Locate Screen Reader

Select Off option to turn it off

From Playback controls

Some streaming services, like Hulu and Amazon, support audio descriptions. Therefore, if you are watching a video with audio description enabled, you may need to disable it via the video playback controls. Check out the instructions below.

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On Hulu

Simply open Hulu on Roku

Play any video

Press the Up button to see playback controls

After that, click on Settings.

Under Audio Language, choose English only.

On Netflix

On your Roku, simply launch Netflix and play a video.

To see the playback control, press the Up button on your remote

Choose Audio & Subtitles

Under Audio, please choose a language without Audio Description written next to it.

On Disney Plus

Hit the Asterisk button during Disney Plus video playback on your Roku remote.

Afterward, please choose the language without Audio Description written next to it using the right and left remote buttons on Audio Track.

How Do I Turn Off Voice on Roku Without a Remote?

Well, Roku has a smart app with a virtual remote you can use to turn off Voice. However, this works only if both devices are paired and connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The procedures required to disable the screen reader are analogous to those required to use a physical remote. Here are the necessary steps to Turn Off Voice on Roku TV.

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Firstly, you must check if your smartphone & Roku device are on the same WiFi network.

Open the Roku app and go to the Remote tab from the tab.

On the remote screen, click on the Asterisk icon four times.

If it doesn’t turn off, you can tap on the Home icon

Using the down button, select Settings

Select Accessibility > Screen Reader

Click on the Off option to turn it off.

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Why Won’t My Roku Voice Turn Off?

Streaming videos with audio descriptions won’t turn off your Roku voice. Therefore, to entirely Turn Off  the narrator on a Roku, you must deactivate both the audio description and screen reader. Restarting the system on your Roku device will update any settings changes.

Are Screen Reader & Audio Description on Roku the Same?

Screen Reader for Roku devices is a voice narration of on-screen menus that assists visually impaired users in navigating the Roku Interface. Audio description, in contrast, is the comprehensive narration of video information.

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