How to Fix Apple Watch Dying Fast Issue

Apple Watch Dying Fast

Are you asking, “why is my Apple Watch dying fast?” If you answered yes, you have landed on the correct page. This article contains various helpful strategies and tricks for eliminating this issue. Read further!

The Apple Watch does not feature a particularly powerful or long-lasting battery compared to other digital or smartwatches. Similarly, the battery life of an Apple watch is only 18 hours. Consequently, you will need to charge it daily.

It often means charging the watch overnight, but if you discover that your Apple Watch needs to be charged sooner, there are a few things you can do to prevent your Apple watch dying fast in 2022. Continue reading for further information!

Fix: Apple Watch Dying So Fast [2022 Latest Fixes]

Why is My Apple Watch Dying Fast?

The Apple Watch is popular, but it is not implied that it is also the most durable. There could be several causes why your battery is draining relatively quickly, but if it’s depleting in a matter of hours. Then, it indicates that larger variables are involved. There’s no simple solution to your situation, but similar problems are easier to resolve.

Factors To Keep In Check Before Moving Forward To Workarounds

Software Update

Apple often delivers software updates for its products, including iPhones, AirPods, and apple watches. Before attempting the following solutions for ‘apple watch battery dying quickly,’ confirm that your watch is running the most recent version.

Pairing Factors

Apple Watch loses more power when it struggles to connect to or maintain a connection with your iPhone. Try re-pairing the iPhone to your watch and see if that resolves the problem. If so, ensure that your iPhone’s Bluetooth is always on to avoid issues such as your Apple Watch Dying Fast.

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Product Age

Any smart or tech-helm device loses functionality over time, particularly in battery life. Consequently, the battery life of your Apple Watch will be negatively affected after a certain period. You can exchange your watch. However, I recommend upgrading to the most recent Apple watch.

Weather Conditions

When the climate in a place is predominantly polar, batteries also lose effectiveness. It may malfunction if you live in a sweltering climate and keep your Apple Watch in direct sunlight. These climatic conditions can shorten the battery’s life and impede its performance. Apple recommends their users to use Apple Watch “in ambient temperatures between 32°F to 95°F (0°C and 35°C).” It may help you avoid battery troubles with your Apple Watch.

Tips To Prolong Apple Watch Battery Life

Compared to FitBit and Garner, the Apple Watch does not appear to pose a significant battery difficulty. However, your watch’s battery should last at least 24 hours between charges.

Tip 1: Switching Off Heart Rate Monitor

Apple recommends that its users disable heart rate monitoring on their watches while running or exercising. It may result in inaccurate calorie counts, but it’s worth a shot if you want your watch’s battery to endure through an entire run. These are the relevant steps: Open the Apple Watch app on your phone> Navigate to My Watch> Privacy> Motion and Fitness> turn off Heart Rate.

Tip 2: Adjust Display Settings

Apple’s display consumes the most battery life of any smartwatch. So consider reducing the brightness and wake time of your Apple Watch and disabling the always-on display to save a ‘decent’ amount of battery. You can find all three options by clicking on Settings > Brightness & Display.

Tip 3: Background Apps

The rapid depletion of your Apple watch’s battery may be attributable to apps running in the background. You may not be using the programs or apps at the moment. Still, several previously opened apps continue to run in the background, eventually draining the power or battery of your watch. The same holds for smartphones. Therefore, to eliminate the Apple Watch Dying Fast issue, you should attempt to disable background running apps.

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Launch the Watch app on an iPhone with a connected Watch, then hit General. After that, tap the Background app refresh button. Now, you’ll see a list of all apps on your Watch; turn off the ones you no longer use or don’t wish to run in the background by toggling the switch.

Tip 4: Notification Center

If multiple programs and activities/tasks run concurrently, you may experience the Apple Watch dying fast issue. By controlling Apple Watch notifications, you can circumvent the Apple Watch Dying Fast after update issue. It requires a linked iPhone and the launch of a Watch app.

Then, select the Notifications option from the My Watch tab. Next, select the app or program for which you wish to disable notifications. Next, tap Turn Off Notifications to disable notifications.

Tip 5: Switch Off Apple Watch

Finally, it would help if you attempted to turn off your Apple Watch for a while. It can be performed once per week or once every two weeks. In addition, it can help extend the battery life of the watch. The rapid depletion of the Apple Watch’s battery could be a concern because it has been operating continuously for a considerable time.

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In addition, it is recommended to unpair the device from your preferred iPhone and then re-pair it for a fresh start. Additionally, you may reset your Apple Watch. It may help you resolve the Apple Watch Battery Draining Fast issue.

Final Words – Apple Watch Dying Fast 2022

You now have practical strategies and tricks to resolve the battery problems with your Apple watch. We hope now that your Apple Watch will not drain as quickly.

Please let us know if you are still experiencing problems with your iWatch in the space below. I’ll make every effort to assist you.

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