How to Fix Xfinity Router Blinking Orange Light

Xfinity Router Blinking Orange

Light indicators are built into Xfinity routers to indicate the device’s status. A solid white light, for instance, shows that your router is on and working properly, but a solid red light indicates that your device is not obtaining an internet connection. So don’t panic if you encounter the “Xfinity router blinking orange” issue! The following is a list of troubleshooting steps you might try to resolve the Xfinity Router Blinking Orange issue.

Xfinity Router Blinking Orange (EASY Fix!)

If your Xfinity router blinks orange, a firmware update is in progress. The update could take between 15 and 30 minutes to finish. If your Xfinity router blinking orange light after the update, try unplugging it from the wall for one minute before plugging it back in. Then, determine if the issue with your Xfinity router has been resolved.

What Does the Blinking Orange Light on Xfinity Modem Mean?

Your Xfinity router’s blinking light displays the device’s status. Sometimes you may observe a steady light and sometimes a blinking one. For example, the blinking orange light on the Xfinity modem means it’s trying to connect to the Xfinity network.

Due to an ongoing firmware upgrade, you may encounter difficulties connecting your router to the internet. It may be caused by a faulty splitter, a malfunctioning modem or router, or a service outage in your region. There are, fortunately, numerous quick solutions you can try to cure the ‘why is my Xfinity router blinking orange’ issue.

Why Is My Xfinity Router Blinking Orange?

If you notice a blinking orange light on the Xfinity modem, it could be due to the following causes:

Ongoing Firmware Update

Faulty Modem/Router

Service outage

A defective splitter

Internet issues

How to Fix Blinking Orange Light on Router?

An Xfinity router blinking orange without an internet connection might be inconvenient, particularly if you do not know how to fix it. However, you can try numerous tried-and-true troubleshooting techniques to resolve this issue.

1. Wait Until the Update Is Complete

In most circumstances, an Xfinity blinking orange means your device is running a firmware update. We know downloading software updates are required for optimal device functioning. These updates resolve bugs and malfunctions on your device.

However, if an update is available, your Xfinity router will attempt to establish a connection with the Xfinity servers.

Remember that the orange light will blink when your router changes its firmware. The great news is that you just need to wait till the update is complete.

Therefore, do not turn off your router during the firmware update to prevent further damage that could impact the device’s operation.

Wait 15–30 minutes for the update to complete. After updating, the solid white light on your router should reappear, indicating proper operation.

If the “Xfinity router blinking orange” issue persists, proceed to the next solution.

2. Factory Reset Your Modem/Router

If the Xfinity router blinks orange light, resetting the equipment to factory settings may help resolve the issue.

Here’s how to reset your router.

1. First, turn your PC off and disconnect all cables connected to the router.

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2. Take out the power cord from the router and wait for a full minute.

3. Now, plug the power cord back in, then wait until your router sets up.

4. Use your device (phone, PC, etc.) to see if the Xfinity router flashing Orange no internet issue is resolved.

Some router models include a reset button for resetting them to factory settings. It is how.

1. Turn your PC off and unplug all connected cables to your router.

2. Locate the reset button on the back of the router.

3. Using a toothpick or pin, depress the reset button for several seconds.

4. Let your router reboot and wait until the status light turns back on.

5. Turn your device (phone, PC, etc.) back on.

3. Inspect for Loose Cable Connections

Check your router for loose or damaged cable connections if you have the “Xfinity modem blinking orange no internet” problem.

A loose or damaged wire connection can cause your router to begin blinking orange since your device will be unable to form a solid connection with the internet.

Therefore, inspect the cables linked to your router for abrasions, bends, kinks, and cuts. You must properly reconnect the cables and replace the broken ones with new ones.

4. Inspect the Splitter

A splitter distributes the internet signal to additional devices, such as a modem and a TV.

Occasionally, these tiny devices can malfunction, a fact that is frequently overlooked. Therefore, if it is malfunctioning or broken, your Xfinity router will begin flashing orange due to a lack of internet access.

Replace the old splitter with a new one and see whether the Xfinity Router Blinking Orange no internet issue is resolved. However, it is preferable not to use a splitter, as these devices can decrease the signal. Instead, directly connecting the Internet cable to the router is preferable.

5. Check for Service Outage Issues in Your Area

If you’re experiencing the “Xfinity router flashing orange no internet” issue, there’s likely an outage in your area.  It will diminish the signal strength of your router, causing it to blink orange.

You can call your internet service provider (ISP) to determine if your area is experiencing an outage. Alternatively, your smartphone can access the service interruptions area using the Xfinity app. It is how.

1. Turn your Wi-Fi off on your smartphone.

2. Turn on your LTE data plan since you are not using Wi-Fi.

3. Open the Google Play Store, and now search for “Xfinity.”

4. Download & install the app on your device.

5. Open the app, then log in to your Xfinity account to see if there’s an outage in your area.

Examine the color indicators on the map by selecting the “My Network” option and moving the mouse pointer over it. In some places, an orange circle indicates an outage, but a green circle indicates that your router is operating well.

6. Use a LAN (Ethernet) Connection

Occasionally, frequent disconnection can be caused by Wireless connections, causing your Xfinity Router Blinking Orange.

To resolve this issue, use a LAN cable to connect directly to your router. Most Xfinity routers come with a LAN cable, so you won’t need to purchase one separately.

Follow the simple steps below to resolve the issue.

1. Disconnect all wires and cables connected to your router.

2. Use an Ethernet cable & connect one end to the modem while the other goes to the router.

3. Connect all the cables and wires back in & plug your Xfinity router and modem into the wall socket.

Check your Internet connection now. Hopefully, this answers the issue with your router’s blinking orange light. If not, proceed to the subsequent procedure.

7. Inspect for Router Malfunctions

If none of the preceding alternatives worked, your router might malfunction. In addition, compared to newer devices, older Xfinity routers may lose performance over time and become obsolete sooner than anticipated.

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Therefore, if you believe your router is damaged, you should replace it. Remember to purchase it from the official Xfinity website or authorized dealers for additional perks.

8. Check the System Requirements of Your Router

If you’ve acquired an Xfinity router and after customizing its settings, it begins flashing, verify that your operating system and hardware fulfill the router’s minimal requirements.

The system requirements may differ between Xfinity router models. The typical system prerequisites are:

1. Browser-Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome
2. Processor/CPU-Quad-Core Intel Core i5
3. Ethernet-Cat6 or Cat5e Ethernet cable
4. Operating System-Apple-supported OS or Mainstream Microsoft

If your system does not fulfill these specifications, the router will not function properly, and you may encounter issues such as slow internet speeds and weak signals.

Update your equipment, system, and devices to ensure compatibility to resolve the Xfinity Router Blinking Orange 2022 issue.

9. Try a Different Coax Outlet if Installing the Router for the First Time

If your Xfinity router and modem were usually working but suddenly began blinking orange, you can follow the troubleshooting steps above to resolve the issue.

However, if you are installing the Xfinity router for the first time and the orange light begins blinking, it may be due to a broken coax outlet or not functioning. In this situation, try plugging the router into a different coax outlet to determine whether the problem is resolved.

10. Contact Xfinity Support

If you have tried every technique on this list and your router is still blinking orange, you should contact Xfinity customer support for assistance. The support staff will assist you with Xfinity devices and products via phone and live chat. They will also help you in correctly configure the Xfinity router.


Why Does My Xfinity Wi-Fi Keep Disconnecting?

If Xfinity disconnects from Wi-Fi, it could be due to a loose connection or an obstruction between the router and the device used for Internet access. First, ensure that all cables are correctly reseated to prevent signal interference. Then, you can move the device closer to the router or vice versa.

What Is the Procedure for Restarting the Xfinity Router?

Here is how to restart your Xfinity router.
> First, use your Xfinity ID & password to log in to your account.
> Scroll down to Manage Internet and tap on Restart Modem.
> Tap on the Start option to begin the troubleshooting procedure, and your modem will restart.

Can I Stop a Firmware Upgrade on Xfinity Router?

You should keep the Xfinity router’s firmware from updating; therefore, the corporation has installed these lights to deter consumers from taking further action. However, you should check that the update is installed on your router for optimal performance. Also, pausing a network upgrade could be detrimental to the device.

The Bottom Line

Dealing with the “Xfinity router blinking orange” issue can be aggravating, especially if you have no idea how to solve it. There are, fortunately, a multitude of solutions to this blinking issue. Here is the conclusion:

1. Wait Until the Update is CompleteNo internet and blinking oran
2. Factory Reset your Modem/Router
3. Inspect for Loose Cable Connections
4. Inspect the Splitter
5. Check for Service Outage issues in your Area
6. Using a LAN (Ethernet) Connection
7. Inspect for Router Malfunctions
8. Check the system requirements of your Router
9. Try a Different Coax Outlet if Installing the Router for the First Time
10. Contact Xfinity Support

Hopefully, this article helped you to fix the Xfinity Router Blinking Orange issue. If you could fix the No internet and blinking orange light on modem issue using the above methods, feel free to share it in the comments below!

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