40 Best WCOForever Alternatives To Watch Cartoon Online


WCOForever is a free website that allows you to watch cartoons online and anime in HD without annoying advertisements. WCOForever provides a full range of Cartoons and Anime in high definition quality. When you visit the website, you can see categories like Dubbed anime, Cartoons, Subbed anime, movies, and Ova series. So, there is a lot to stream on WCOForever. You can also find ongoing and popular anime series on the right side of the website, which helps find what’s popular on WCOForever. In this review, we will discuss everything there is to know about WCOForever and feasible alternatives.

There is no need to register an account to stream anime, So you are safe to browse the WCOForever.net website as you cannot share your personal information on site. WCOForever updates with new content daily, So you can watch the latest anime episodes as they release. The user experience of watching Cartoon or anime at WCOForever is terrific as there are not too many ads or annoying pop-ups which ruin your watching experience. What you require to do is to select your favorite cartoon or anime and click on the play button.

You can also find the WCOForever or Watch Cartoon Online app on google and also download WCOForever to apk from the internet. In the Watch Cartoon Online app, you can find categories like Cartoon characters, New cartoons, Lovely cartoons, Mixed cartoons, Trending cartoons, Funny cartoons, and Animal cartoons. You can also search randomly, and the system will provide you with an alphabetical list of cartoons and anime. If WCOForever is inaccessible, consider the following alternative anime streaming sites.

What is WCOForever?

WCOForever is Cartoon and Anime streaming site and app readily available on the internet. Sub, Dub, Popular, and more tabs are available on the website to help users navigate the site more easily. WCOForever users enjoy its colorful theme to watching anime. There is no buffering issue like on other anime and cartoon sites. If you have grown up in the 1990s and miss your childhood cartoons or want your child to see them, I agree that old cartoons made much more sense than what our children now have. WCOForever allows you to free download a variety of Cartoons and anime. The WCOForever is complete safe to use and it is legal to Watch Cartoon Online on it. It is legal; However, numerous websites on the internet have legitimate licenses to show cartoons and anime to their viewers.


Is WCOForever Safe?

The straightforward answer is YES, and we want to assure you that most free Cartoons and anime websites are safe to access. So, avoid clicking on unnecessary adverts or popup banners on the website. Compared to many other websites, WCOForever is safe and reputable because it does not contain adverts and allows users to watch Cartoons and anime in HD quality.


Is there any WCOForever app for Mobile users?

Yes, You can download the Watch Cartoon Online app from Google, App Store, and WCOForever to apk file from the internet. You can download the application on your Android or tablets. The installation procedure is easy and takes only a few minutes to finish. However, you will need at least 10MB of free space on your device, so be sure you have enough before installing the application.


Is WCOForever Legal?

They claim they do not host any Cartoon or Anime content on their servers.


Can I Install WCOForever on My Phone?

Yes, You can download and install the WCOForever app from Google. This safe and secure application has minimal advertisements and no suspicious buttons. WCOForever has a free app for Android and iPhone users’ phones and tablets.


Why is the WCOForever.com not working?


The website’s domain name has been changed to WCOforever.net. The server is most likely overloaded, down, or unreachable due to a network problem, outage, or website maintenance.


What are the best WCOForever Alternatives Sites

40 Best WCOForever Alternatives and Site Like WCOForever To Watch Cartoon and Anime Online

There are other sites like WCOforever where you can watch Cartoons and anime for free.

1. KissAnime


KissAnime is among the sites like to WCOForever. However, it is one of the most well-known websites where high-quality episodes and movies can be seen. You can choose video quality between 240p and 1080p. There is both free and paid content. KissAnime’s homepage is also well-organized, connecting vital information such as future anime, sorting by popularity, anime that is now airing, etc.

2. GoGoAnime


Gogoanime.io is another one of the top sites like WCOForever for watching anime for free and without risk. It is the world’s most popular anime streaming website and has an extensive repertoire. You can stream for as long as possible without being interrupted by advertisements. The website is used by millions of people worldwide to watch the most recent anime episodes in real-time.

3. Chia-Anime


Chia-Anime is one of the top-rated alternatives to WCOForever for watching anime for free. It includes music, movies, TV shows, dramas, and more from Asia and anime. If you are searching for free sites like WCOForever, ChiaAnime is an excellent alternative. Even if you don’t speak Japanese, you can watch anime on this website because it contains both English subs and dubs.

4. Funimation


Funimation is one of the most popular sites in North America for streaming anime, and it enhances the anime experience. However, it’s not only in the list of sites like WCOForever; you can also watch HD anime for free. This website provides information about the current anime series, anime games, guidelines, popular anime shows, popular anime movies, home videos, and accessories, among other things.

5. Animelab


The best Japanese anime series, movies, and live streaming can be found on Animelab. The website is additionally accessible on mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs. Anime fans have been thrilled by the free content provided by Anime Lab. AnimeLab’s library now contains 717 series and movies with thousands of episodes. It is so far the best WCOForever alternatives site.

6. Anime-Planet


Like other best WCOForever alternatives sites and app, it is one of the best sites to watch anime for free. On Anime-Planet, people worldwide gather to watch the 45,000 industry-supported legal anime programs. AnimePlanet is not a new site like WCOForever, but it is free and allows users to build a collection of anime series. It is also customizable.

7. Anime Heaven


As the name suggests, AnimeHeaven is an internet haven for all things related to anime. Our website is fantastic for a variety of reasons. To begin, there are numerous anime series from which to choose. You have the freedom and flexibility to select your preferred option. Second, the website is intuitive and well-organized. It is one of my favorite WCOForever alternatives site to watch anime free online.

8. AnimeKaizoku

Animekaizoku Best alternatvie

You can watch anime for free and download it for free. On AnimeKaizoku website, you can do either or both of those things. Since everything is free, you have nothing to worry about. It is a new sites like WCOForever. You can also download WCOForever apk from internet, you will receive all the necessary information, including a synopsis, cast list, and storyline summary. The website guarantees that if you download the anime, you will satisfied with it.

9. Crunchyroll


On Crunchyroll, thousands of people can watch anime and manga worldwide. They broadcast anime dramas, anime, and manga from Japan. It is the most site similar to WCOForever. In addition, Crunchyroll collects content from around the globe, so it is available in various languages.

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There are currently two types of Crunchyroll users: those who pay and those who do not. It makes sense that free users do not have access to as much stuff as paying members. But in the end, the choice is yours.

10. 9Anime


Anime fans adore 9Anime due to its purple user design, high-quality videos, and extensive anime library. 9 Anime is one of the best sites like WCOForever and the most popular anime streaming website due to its high-quality videos.

Because the website is uncomplicated, it’s easy for us to determine what’s new. In addition, 9Anime offers a wide variety of shows, so you can watch them even if you do not speak Japanese. The best part is that streaming movies and TV series are free, and registration is not required. It is comparable to Stream2Watch, a popular website for streaming videos. Also, consider 4anime to watch anime online for free. Also check best sites like 4anime.

11. Netflix

Netflix anime

Netflix is famous for its OTT platform. However, the anime content is limited as compared to WCOForever. Netflix mainly focused on web series, short movies, movies, and TV series. However, you can stream limited anime on Netflix. If you are already a subscriber to Netflix, you can see what they are offering to watch an anime genre. If WCOForever is not working or is down, Netflix is the best alternative to watch anime. In addition, if you pay for the service, there will be no commercials or other disruptions. You must enroll in a 30-day trial period to access the free service.

12.. AnimeHeros


It is one of the best and most useful websites, similar to WCOForever, since it provides free anime with English subtitles. With a computer, you can watch TV programs. You have the option between 720p and 1080p HD. Also, look best Animekisa alternatives.

13. KIM Cartoon


As the name suggests, KIM Cartoon is the ideal cartoon website for your children to browse securely alone. It contains everything for kids to let them watch their favorite shows based on characters and episodes. In addition, this portal also provides animated movies. It is the best WCOForever alternatives that is frequently updated.

14. Anime Ultima

AnimeUltima alternatives

AnimeUltima is one of the top WCOForever alternatives, where you can watch anime for free. The interface is intuitive. Additionally, there is little advertising. So that you can enjoy your favorite anime without interruption; besides, they keep you informed of current events by publishing new shows and episodes on the side. The Night Mode, which protects users’ eyes, is the most outstanding feature of AnimeUltima.

15. DarkAnime

DarkAnime Alternatives

DarkAnime is one of the best sites like WCOForever net where you can watch anime for free. On the website, you may find high-quality anime with English subtitles and Japanese subtitles. After deciding what you wish to see, all that remains is to seek it out. A newly updated area of Dark Anime’s website contains links to all the new shows.

16. Masterani


Masterani.me is a popular alternatives to WCOForever for streaming anime with English dubs. It has over 2500 complete, up-to-date anime series that can be stream anywhere in HD resolution. The website has a dark template and is simple to navigate. The drop-down choices facilitate the selection of one’s preferred anime. Here, you can select from numerous genres, like Action, War, Erotica, Adventure, Vampire, and Science Fiction, to mention a few. After selecting your favorites, you can watch their average rating and visitor comments. In addition, unlike other WCOForever alternatives, registration and further details are not required. Find some free streaming content and enjoy it.

17. Anime Freak


AnimeFreak is one of the best sites like WCOForever, where you can watch anime for free. It is the second most popular anime website since it offers free, high-quality anime episodes and movies. The subgenres romance, suspense, comedy, and mystery are examples. Regarding anime and manga, Anime Freak has an extensive online library.

18. AnimeNova


Here you will find anime, anime series, and anime episodes. The site updates daily, so there is much more to stream on AnimeNova. So you can bet on lightning-fast speed and an easy search. As one of the alternatives to WCOForever, everything is well-organized and divided into numerous categories. Therefore, selecting your preferred titles or genres from the various anime categories should be easy.

19. AnimeLand


Animeland.tv is a site where you can watch anime legally. It includes a simple UI with categories such as Dubbed Anime List, Anime Movies, Dragon Ball Super, and Genres. These divisions are well labeled. Use the site’s categories or search bar to locate your favorite anime movies. You are not required to register or provide any other personal information to use the website. Instead, visit the website, select your preferred movie, and stream it without annoying advertisements. If you are looking for the best WCOForever alternatives site to watch anime free online without any problem? consider Animeland.

20. Because.moe

because moe

Because.moe is one of the most popular alternatives to WCOForever, it allows you to delve deeply into the online entertainment scene. Stream anime movies and episodes in HD without waiting for the video to load. No registration or information is required to watch anime series on the internet. However, if you want to be notified when new content is added, you must sign up with a valid email address. This website contains a section where you can locate all the most popular anime shows from around the world, which is one of its most exciting and entertaining features.

21. Daisuki


Daisuke allows users to select by genre and studio. “hero,” “robot,” “adventure,” “action,” “heroine,” “fantasy,” and “heartfelt” are examples of genres. However, Daisuki has a drawback: it does not offer as many anime seasons as other sites and has a shorter list of available anime. On the other hand, there are no advertisements that obstruct the site’s functionality. However it is considered as best WCOForever alternatives site to watch anime online.

22. Dubbed Anime

dubbedanime watch online

With sites like WCOForever and DubbedAnime, watching anime online is simple. It is a website for anime enthusiasts who wish to see episodes with or without English subs. It is comparable to WCOForever in that it has the same capabilities and a UI that makes watching anime more enjoyable. In addition, the website provides a variety of anime series from around the world, organized into genres such as Action, Adventure, Horror, and Love, among others. Each group has its list of titles, which can be perused and accessed. DubbedAnime also provides a wealth of character information and makes it easy to follow them, enhancing the enjoyment of anime.

23. Kiss Cartoon

Stream all of our favorite English-dubbed cartoon episodes. The most excellent part about Kiss Cartoon is that you can leave your children here to watch their favorite shows without worrying about spyware, popups, or unsuitable advertisements. It is our top pick among other WCOForever alternatives on internet. You can also consider KissAnime website to watch your favorite anime with subtitles.

24. AnimeTV

Animetv Simplyaweeb alternatives app


Not only can you watch anime shows and cartoons on Anime TV, but you can also explore and watch millions of movies from various genres. It includes both domestic and dubbed anime. You may also watch anime with English and Japanese subtitles. It is the reliable anime streaming site and good alternative to WCOForever.


25. Anime Series

animeseries safe Simplyaweeb alternatives


The last on the list of best WCOForever alternatives sites is Anime series. It is the finest site to watch for free for all anime fans. You could see various advertisements about money trails and how to get money online. These, on the other hand, may be closed or deleted with a single click. It allows you to browse through original anime shows in high definition. Also consider Simplyaweeb to watch anime seasons online.


26.. AnimixPlay



Are you irritated because you have to endure many pop-ups and advertisements to watch dubbed anime online? Then AnimixPlay is here to assist you. It is an ad-free and user-popular anime website that has lately gained popularity. AnimixPlay is well-known for its secure and non-interrupted streaming and its extensive database. It’s an excellent resource if you’re looking for dubbed anime, subbed anime, high-quality anime, or anime from various years, among other things. It is the famous WCOForever alternatives site in our list.

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27. Nyaa




If you are an anime lover who enjoys downloading anime shows, you may have come across NYAA. It is also the best among the list of WCOForever alternatives. NYAA was a popular anime torrent downloading site used by millions of online users before it was shut down. It offered its customers resources ranging from Japanese TV shows to Korean TV shows as a public torrent tracker. It also contained Asian content, making it incredibly simple to download and view wherever you were.


28. AnimeFrenzy



It is so far the best WCOForever alternatives site. AnimeFrenzy, with its simple UI and frequently updated anime library, is one of the best free streaming websites to watch anime online. The website has grown in popularity among a comprehensive list of anime fans because of its extensive collection of movies, cartoons, and anime series. You may also use the chat room highlight to speak with other people while streaming anime.

29. 4Anime

4anime Watch anime free online

4Anime places a greater emphasis on simplicity and full HD streaming. It includes an easy-to-use interface and effective search criteria, allowing you to find the anime you’re looking for quickly. Because of the frequent changes, it is an excellent site for watching the most recent TV shows. Its library also includes all popular and classic works. 4anime does not provide customizable streaming resolutions; however, if you’re picky about quality, it’ll be the one for you since all episodes are in 1080p. As a result, it is primarily a website for anime fans and also a best WCOForever alternatives. 4Anime has a pretty tidy website. You may see redirects at random, but there is no danger if you do not install adware.

30. CartoonCrazy


All cartoon series and anime movies are divided into many categories. Each category has its titles, which you can simply choose and play. You may even arrange claims by genres and years, making it more intriguing. The fascinating aspect of this site is that it offers Anime Dubbed movies in various languages. Cartoon Crazy is considered among one of the best WCOForever alternatives to watch old cartoon.


31. AnimeDao


If you’re an anime lover, you’ve probably heard of AnimeDao as it is one of best WCOForever alternatives. It’s one of the most popular and well-liked anime websites for streaming Japanese anime TV episodes and movies with English subtitles or dubs. . While searching, you will find hundreds of free sites to watch anime online; free. However, AnimeDao is regarded as one of the tops in this category.


32. AnimePahe



AnimePahe is a website that features animated cartoons and movies. You may use these sites to search for action, drama, or horror anime. In addition, these websites allow you to filter anime by year, quality, episodes, language, and season. AnimePahe is one of the most comprehensive sources of anime series, movies, and cartoons. It has everything, from romance to action to horror and everything in between. You should visit this best WCOForever alternatives in 2022.

32. AnimeHeros


AnimeHeros is a website for anime fans where you can watch all of your favorite animes in HD quality for free and without irritating ads. With AnimeHeros, you can enjoy your favorite animes online in high-definition streaming. How can we miss it in the list of our top WCOForever alternatives.


33. Animenova


Animenova is a platform where you can watch anime movies, dramas, and series online. In addition, it offers daily episodes of cartoons, flicks, and anime shows. Everything on the site is provided in high-quality dubbed stuff with fast streaming. The content is separated into many categories, each of which has various options. The site also provides an advanced search tool where you can enter the title of the movie you wish to watch and then click the Go button to enjoy fast streaming. This feature makes it the best among other WCOForever alternatives.


34. JustDubs




JustDubs is one of the most popular websites for finding online anime content with English dubbing. This website has a broad range of anime and animation content. In addition, JustDubs is a website where you can view anime in English. It is the best source of dubbed amine to watch and enjoy with your family. Users at technedo suggest us to add it in the list of WCOForever alternatives.


35. Nightanime.Stream



Nightanime.Stream is a brand you can rely on for high-quality content. The site features an extensive collection of over 100 series that you can stream online. In addition, it is accessible in most nations, allowing you to view your favorite anime no matter where you are on the globe. It is the best WCOForever alternatives available on the internet.


36. WCOstream


WCOStream Cartoon and Anime content is same as that of WCOForever. So, In case if WCOForever is down or not working you should visit WCOStream. So naturally, WCO Stream receives millions of views every month, resulting in substantial income. As a reason, many people are attempting to imitate and appear as WCO Stream. Therefore, it is critical to understand which WCOStream site is legitimate so that you do not fall victim to fraudulent sites. Currently, the genuine WCOStream may be found at WCOStream.cc.


37. WatchCartoonOnline



WatchCartoonOnline is a cartoon-based website, and the best WCOForever alternatives site. You can watch English dubbed anime for free in high-definition video quality exclusively on watchcartoononline. It also offers customers a mobile application, an entirely mobile-friendly platform. Streaming anime for free online may or may not be unlawful; this list is just for educational purposes. In this list, we will inform you about each site’s interface, user experience, and popularity on the Internet.


38. Wcoanimesub


WCOanimeSub is the most acceptable site for watching anime TV shows and movies without spending a dime. You may use this site to watch your favorite anime TV shows on any device, including a smartphone, tablet, PC, media streaming device, gaming console, etc. As a result, it works with any device that has an internet browser and the ability to play online recordings. You can consider it in the list of best WCOForever alternatives sites.

39. Crackle


It is one of the finest sites for acquiring action movies, sci-fi movies, comedy movies, crime movies, horror movies, TV shows, TV episodes, and TV seasons, among other things. It is a one-stop platform for entertainment fans searching for a non-stop playing platform of entertainment stuff. Crackle is a movie-based and TV shows website, however you can also watch limited anime and cartoon movies here. However you can consider it in the list of best sites like WCOForever.

40. Soul-Anime


If WCOForever is down or not working due to any reasons, Soul anime is the best alternatives you have to visit. Soul Anime is a free website where you can watch popular anime titles. I love that this platform has a massive collection of the most recent Anime series and episodes. The majority of its readers are subbed and dubbed to make it easier to seek a movie if it is done in a different language. The finest titles available on Soul Anime are One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, and Fairytale.

Final Thoughts: Alternatives to WCOForever

As stated, animated movies and videos can be accessed on numerous websites. You have a few additional possibilities if you want a more conventional websites. The 40 alternatives to WCOForever listed above are all worthy options. It also provides uninterrupted access to all of your favorite Cartoons or anime. Try out websites like WCOForever to check which one works best for you. We found WCOForever a safe site to stream Cartoons and anime in HD Print. We strongly recommend to use VPN service to watch anime or manga on any site including WCOForever.

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