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This post will discover the best YouTube audio Rippers to download YouTube Audio. A YouTube audio ripper is a program or online tool that allows you to download the background audio of any video. It is free and easy to use, and it enables us to download audio from YouTube easily.


We can download MP3, MP4, and various other standard file formats. In addition, you may use a YouTube music ripper to download videos for offline listening or use it as background audio in any of your personalized videos.


This post will go through the top ten YouTube music rippers that may be used to extract audio from YouTube.


Download YouTube Audio Using YouTube Audio Rippers

Technedo has compiled a list of some of the most popular and most acceptable YouTube audio ripper software for converting and extracting audio from YouTube videos. Continue reading and choose the best option based on your requirements.



1. Y2mate




Y2mate is an easy and free YouTube audio ripper that allows you to extract audio from YouTube videos in the highest quality, accessible in MP3 and MP4 formats. This tool employs high-speed encoders to assure fast conversion. Registration is not needed. Y2mate is entirely free. This YouTube music ripper tool also lets us upload the converted songs to cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and others. It works with all browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.



2. Ytmp3 Converter




It is a free and online YouTube audio ripper that allows us to effortlessly extract audio from YouTube videos in minutes without the need for any software registration or installation. To convert a video, copy the URL of the chosen YouTube video, paste it into the address bar of the YouTube music ripper tool, pick a format, and click the convert button. Once the video has been converted and finished, you may download it by clicking the download button and enjoy your music in high-quality MP3 or MP4 format. However, it has one restriction: the video must be more than 90 minutes long for easy and speedy conversion. How can we miss Ytmp3 converter in the list of best Download YouTube Audio sites.







If you are looking for the best Download YouTube Audio, you should consider this app. Yt1s is a YouTube audio ripper tool that converts YouTube to MP3. It is fast, safe, and simple to use. You may download audio from YouTube and extract it afterward. There are no restrictions so that you may download as many videos as possible. It is safe and secure, with no viruses, since specialists constantly monitor it. You may convert audio files in quality formats, including MP3, MP4, 3GP, M4A, and many more, with this YouTube music ripper.



4. YouTube to MP3 Music




YouTube to MP3 Music is another popular YouTube music ripper tool that lets us extract audio from YouTube videos in seconds. This YouTube audio ripper tool supports MP3 files with bit rates of 320 kbps. It works on various systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone. This tool does not require any installation. It has a significant function that other YouTube music rippers may not have. It also enables video search by keyword and YouTube playlist and can even upload the converted file to DropBox or Google Drive.

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Loader is one of the most excellent YouTube audio ripper converters, allowing us to download YouTube videos or whole playlists. This YouTube music ripper is easy to use. You may use not only to extract audio from YouTube but also to convert the videos into a variety of audio and video formats such as MP3, MP4, WAV, 4K, 8K, and more. Another advantage of Loader is the ability to convert and download one video at a time and convert a complete playlist at a quick speed. additionally ensures confidentiality while using this online tool and is known for providing dependable and smooth service.



6. 320YTMp3




The 320YTMp3 format allows us to download audio from YouTube with no download limits freely. Furthermore, it lets us extract audio from YouTube in high-quality formats such as Mp3, MP4, etc. This YouTube audio ripper works with all modern browsers and can extract audio from YouTube and over 1000 other popular websites. It consists of three simple steps for converting audio to MP3. First, copy and paste the video URL into the search box, then click the search button. Finally, select the MP3 quality and download your preferred audio.







It is a free online music ripper that allows you to extract audio from YouTube videos. It is entirely free, easy, and fast to use. You may use this YouTube audio ripper to download any video to MP3 or MP4 format. Copy the YouTube URL, paste it into, and click the convert button. By clicking the options button, we can also adjust the filename and ID tags and choose the video section that we want to trim or change. This YouTube audio ripper also allows you to put a cover on all of your MP3s in your music library. It is one of the best Download YouTube Audio on this list.



8. Clickmp3


Click mp3


Like other best Download YouTube Audio, Click mp3 is a professional YouTube audio ripper tool that downloads high-quality MP3 files from YouTube in 5 seconds, compared to many minutes in the past. It is entirely free to use and does not require registration or browser extensions. It works on all platforms, devices, and operating systems. This YouTube music ripper does not have any adverts that might interfere with your conversion and is free of malware that could infect your system. Click mp3 also provides limitless downloads of YouTube videos with no video restriction.



9. Flv2mp3




This YouTube audio ripper is a free online tool that allows you to download audio from YouTube and 23 other video streaming platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, Vimeo, etc. The free FLV2MP3 converter saves time by downloading many audio files at once. It is a multiformat YouTube music ripper that supports various standard formats and will assure a high-quality design regardless of the video quality specified in the URL. This Flv2mp3 converter also comes in Spanish, Portuguese, and Turkish. This YouTube music ripper may be used in two easy steps; copy and paste the URL of the desired video, click the convert button, and your file will begin downloading to your device.



10. Ontiva Youtube Audio Ripper


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Ontiva YouTube to MP3 converter is a web-based tool for extracting audio from YouTube videos. This YouTube audio ripper has several features and services. YouTube videos may be downloaded in MP3, MP4, and WAV formats. Not only that but there are additional video formats from which to pick. The video quality depends entirely on the internet speed used when converting the video. It also allows for the hassle-free conversion of YouTube playlists. However, this function is only available to premium users after establishing an account, while the fundamental and simple capabilities are free to use. It also supports a variety of popular languages. It is among one of the top Download YouTube Audio app on internet.


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YouTube Audio Ripper Frequently Asked Questions

We answered some often asked questions about YouTube audio ripper here.


Is using a YouTube audio ripper legal?

It is technically not illegal to use a YouTube audio ripper to extract audio from YouTube videos. Still, it is prohibited to use or download any copyright video without prior authorization. Google has sought to shut down various YouTube music ripper programs, claiming to violate its Terms and Conditions.


What characteristics do excellent YouTube audio rippers share?

A decent YouTube audio ripper will be easy to use; it will be free of charge with no registration or software installation; Youtube audio ripper will support several platforms and languages; it will preserve excellent quality and popular formats while assuring security. In addition, a competent YouTube music ripper will have the ability to download converted videos in bulk and upload them to the cloud.


How can I obtain better audio quality?

To receive higher-quality audio from YouTube, you’ll need a fast internet connection. Many YouTube music rippers support 128Kbps and 320Kbps and are primarily dependent on internet speed.


What is the maximum audio quality conversion for audio ripping supported?

WAV files provide the finest quality YouTube to MP3 conversion. Many YouTube audio rippers support WAV file conversion. It is a high-quality format because it compresses the audio while retaining all essential information. As a result, WAV files are substantially better in quality than MP3 files.



Bonus Tip: Wondershare Filmora is the most recommended audio editor

The current version of Wondershare Filmora has various audio editing tools covered in this article. Using Filmora’s audio editor, we can add the YouTube audio as a backdrop and modify the tone. Filmora also has a free music collection from which we may pick. You may also divide the audio using the timeline’s playhead, or you can change the pitch, loudness, or duration of the audio. You may also silence the audio in a specific clip. Filmora also enables us to add real-time voiceovers by clicking the record button.


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You’ll have 3 seconds before the recording starts, and once finished, click the stop button to stop it. Filmora has many additional audio editing tools, such as modifying and adding multiple tracks in a clip, audio fade in and out, audio speed adjustment, audio equalization for altering the frequency, and many more. So this is article on best Download YouTube Audio apps hope you enjoyed the article. Also read article on how to Download Music From Youtube.

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