45 Best Instagram Followers Apps – 100k in 48Hrs

Best Instagram Followers Apps

In this post you will discover the top Instagram followers apps to increase your LIKES and Followers on Instagram. These are the applications and websites like Picuki, Zefoy and IGpanel. Today, we’ll go through all of the most exemplary Instagram followers apps to help you obtain more followers in 2022. It’s no secret that gaining more Instagram followers is one of the most challenging tasks.


It wasn’t always this awful, but now that everyone is on Instagram and attempting to accomplish the same thing, the rivalry is fiercer. It implies that everyone is rushing to make things work for them and get a large following. Fortunately, though, there are ways to get more people to follow you even if you work less.  There are several third-party Instagram followers apps available that might assist you in increasing your followers. Also read article on how to view Private Instagram?


Top Instagram Followers Apps

Let’s consider our selection of the best Instagram followers apps in 2022 and see how they may help your Instagram gain a much-needed boost.


1. GetAFollower

If you are searching for the top Instagram Followers apps, GetAFollower claims to be the new method to get famous, and we trust them based on what we’ve previously heard about them. An Instagram followers tool may assist you with various networks other than Instagram, which is fantastic if your business is distributed over other platforms. You can reach them at any time of the day or night with any problems. They promise to be reliable and have quick delivery and customer service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help.


They also accept a lot of different ways to pay, giving you a more secure set of options to choose from.  They promise clients happiness and provide several options for you to contact them if necessary. It is the kind of organization that is committed not just to growing its customers’ Instagram followings but also to ensuring their online safety.


2. Inflact

Inflact Instagram Likes

As this post will explain the best Instagram Followers apps, It will be difficult to dismiss an Instagram followers app like Inflact once you realize how valuable they can be in terms of apps that may help you obtain more Instagram followers. There aren’t many that can convert your interaction into long-term followers who participate with future postings.


However, Inflact seems to be capable of doing so. They can assist you with your regular engagement growth demands and other things like selecting your filters to ensure that you’re targeting a fantastic group of individuals. If you work with them a lot, you will get more rewards and gifts.


3. Growthsilo


Growthsilo promises to be one of the most effective Instagram followers apps for engagement and growth. They state unequivocally that they do not use bots, phony followers, or spam – they just want their customers to benefit from organic growth backed by their powerful automated software.


Growthsilo claims to be able to help you obtain real Instagram followers by automatically connecting with your target audience on your behalf. The most important thing they want to assist you with is time – they want to make sure you have enough to accomplish the things you need to do, such as creating more content. Their sophisticated software automates everything and ensures that your follower count grows steadily.


4. Upleap


The first thing you’ll notice about Upleap is that they provide a free trial to all prospective customers – and you don’t even have to disclose your credit card information to take advantage of it. It cannot be stated for other Instagram automation providers; therefore, we appreciate this degree of security and consumer responsibility. It is among the top Instagram Followers apps on this list.


There’s even an account manager at Upleap who will work with you one-on-one to learn as much as they can about your niche and business and what you want to achieve in terms of growth. Their setup is one of the simplest we’ve seen, and it will only take you a few minutes. Upleap’s automatic solution helps you get more accurate, active users while increasing your social impact. They aim to ensure that you can efficiently fuel your Instagram development without jeopardizing your account or receiving phony interactions that will be of no use to you.


5. Followers Up

followersup Instagram

Followers Up, like Media Mister, intends to help you expand your following on several networks other than Instagram. When you go to their website, one of the first things you do is choose which platform you want to work on. After you’ve done that, you can send in your information so that they can learn more about you. After that, you’re ready to go after you’ve finished the payment.


Their orders are processed around the clock, so you can anticipate speedy delivery no matter what time you sign up for them. We also like how they encrypt all of their customer’s sensitive information and provide a money-back guarantee if things don’t go as planned. Finally, their real accounts will make your Instagram profile appear better than it has ever looked before. you can consider it in the list of reliable Instagram Followers apps.


6. Seek Socially

seeksocially Instagram

Seek Socially is a powerful Instagram followers tool that can assist anybody, no matter how few followers they have, to begin with, grow their following. Seek Socially can assist you with various tasks, including content management and conversion monitoring, and providing customers with up-to-date information on the development of their Instagram following.


They also provide keyword filtering and post-scheduling choices, allowing you to do all of your tasks under one roof. If you don’t have much time to work on your Instagram account, you might want to think about using a tool like Seek Socially. They know that your time and money are essential, so their prices are fair and can be afforded by people of all income levels.


7. Crowdfire

crowdfireapp Instagram

This simple social media growth tool will help you build your overall following. But, still, it will also help you connect with the individuals you’re searching for in the great wide world of social media automation. Crowdfire is unquestionably the best Instagram Followers apps to increase likes and followers.


They want to be able to assist you in finding relevant information that is primarily focused on your areas of interest and help you efficiently publish content from your website or blog. They may also assist you in scheduling your forthcoming material to concentrate on gaining more followers via creating that content. With 19+ million users, we believe this is one of those firms worth investigating, as it might be pretty efficient at increasing your Instagram follower count for you.


8. Trusy Social

trusy Instagram Followers

You know that there are a lot of apps out there that say they can help you grow your Instagram following, but only a few of them work.  When we first discovered Trusy Social and recognized what they stood for, we leaped at the opportunity to feature them on this list. They may not be the most established business on the street, but they sure know what they do. This experienced team is constantly learning and improving so that you can gain more of the ideal followers on your Instagram account.


9. Task Ant


When it comes to having a big Instagram following, what is the one thing that will make the difference?  These are your hashtags. Hashtags are Instagram’s lifeblood, and they’re gradually taking over every other social media network as well. The bottom line is that they are pretty successful at assisting you in gaining more Instagram followers – but they are useless if they are not tailored to your business or specialty.


They understand how essential hashtags are for their clients’ Instagram growth and want to assist more and more people in realizing their ultimate hashtag strategy. Using their sleek, powerful hashtag search engine, you may look up any hashtag and obtain its impressive statistics and analytics. In this manner, you’ll determine which hashtags are adequate for your profile and which aren’t. Task Ant has been brave enough to enter a previously uncharted market, and we applaud them for it.


10. Socialenablers

socialenablers Instagram

Socialenablers, as the name implies, seek to ‘enable your social presence now.’ In addition to being an excellent Instagram followers app, these folks provide a plethora of information on their website on how to make it big on one of the world’s most prominent social networking platforms. We like how they provide before and after photographs of real customers they’ve worked with on their website and how they’ve helped them grow their following over time. We also like how they provide accurate, active individuals for your following, so you don’t have to deal with the agony of gaining false followers and getting rid of them.


Furthermore, they promise to be 100% secure, and they ensure that all of their customers’ personal information is encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about phishing or hackers. They also let you tailor their features to your demands, so you can pick whether to get your followers immediately or gradually. They can also assist you with other forms of involvement, such as commenting and liking, making them an all-around brand. Once they have your login and the number of followers you want, they will contact you. Social enablers may subsequently do the remainder.


11. AudienceGain


One of the first things we noticed about AudienceGain is that they have put all of their numerous services into distinct categories, depending on whatever platform you need assistance with. It implies that you may go to their Instagram-specific features if you need assistance with Instagram. AudienceGain makes it very simple to begin started with them – all you have to do is determine what form of social media advertising you want. After that, they’ll figure out where and how to advertise your platform to the best of their abilities.


12. Skweezer


Skweezer promises to be the number one Instagram growth source and the top one Instagram followers app. They may assist you with everything, from followers and comments to likes. They aim to help you develop your Instagram following organically, so they only deal with real accounts that are compensated for connecting with your profile.


It implies no danger in employing them to boost your Instagram development since you will not jeopardize your reputation. The first step in using Skweezer is to select the type of service you want to use. After that, you may submit your information, and before you know it, you’ll start expanding your Instagram. It’s secure, simple, and effective, and its excellent customer service will make things go more quickly.


13. ektor.io

ektor Instagram Likes

Is Ektor.io a typical Instagram bot? No, it isn’t! ektor.io is the best one if you want to grow your Instagram following and don’t want to put it in the hands of a bot that will do more harm than good, so check it out. Customers have told us that they are safe, so we believe them.


There is a chat box in the lower right-hand corner of the screen where you can get help whenever you need it. They have also made sure that their website is ssl safe, which means that any information you give them will be secure when you do so.  Their automatic downloadable service is Mac and Windows compatible. It works around the clock for you to concentrate on other elements of your company, such as developing more excellent content.


14. Graminator


The first thing you’ll notice about this Instagram followers app for acquiring more followers is that they offer a chatbox on their site to contact them if you have any inquiries or problems. They also urge you, implying that they hold their clientele to a high standard of responsibility.


Graminator even provides a free trial for prospective consumers, allowing you to see what they have to offer without committing to anything. You may not only automate your marketing and grow your Instagram following, but you can also plan future material. Their automated service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can concentrate on developing fresh content rather than completing mundane duties. They have various Instagram feature options that will work together to ensure you have one of the best Instagram pages available.

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15. Media Mister


If you want to get more Instagram followers, Media Mister is one of the apps that can do it all. First, you choose which platform you need help with.  From here, Media Mister can figure out precisely what you need to do to increase your following count. They feature a chatbox on their site where you may contact them if you have any questions, and they promise to provide a fully managed, full-service social media engagement program.


They offer both quality and value for money and a 30-day money-back guarantee if things don’t go as planned. It is simply one of several firms that can assist you in building your Instagram following, but we believe they offer something unique. We appreciate that they are concerned about their customers’ security and are willing to assist them in any way. If you’re serious about growing your Instagram following and need some real support, we recommend Media Mister.


16. Thunderclap


This Instagram followers app is practically self-explanatory. If you haven’t previously heard about thunderclap, we strongly advise you to do so. These guys know all there is to know about establishing a business online, not only on Instagram. They understand that it requires more effort than just having a large Instagram following – but this is still an excellent place to start. thunderclap calls itself a creative growth agency, and we have to agree.


They cover so much more than simply Instagram development – they can also assist you with other parts of your brand’s online presence, such as website and email marketing. With a free consultation to tell them everything about your company and what you’re looking for, it’s no wonder that thunderclap is a fan favorite and is only likely to grow in popularity as the new year approaches. Thunderclap is an excellent option to manage your Instagram and online brand requirements in one spot.


17. Get Followers.vip

Get Followers

It is one of the apps that can help you get a lot of Instagram followers for free. They understand that your time and resources are limited; therefore, they want to make sure that everything is comfortable for you and effective in assisting you in effectively growing your platform. This Instagram followers app is available for iOS and Google Play and is free to download. Their easy downloaded service will go a long way toward helping you get more Instagram followers.


18. Free Like 4 Like

Free Like 4 Like

The second Instagram app for acquiring more followers on our list works with Android and iOS, making it a perfect choice if you have either – or both. They promise to be able to boost your Instagram following and deliver you real, active likes and comments.


Furthermore, the app is free, and they offer three elementary steps to receive their free Instagram growth service. The first is that you may browse and like other people’s images in return for cash. Once you have your coins, you may use them to purchase other people’s Instagram views and likes. Third, you may see the order’s progress report to know when you’ll get the likes you’ve bought.


19. Like 4 Like

Like 4 Like

Like 4 Like is another Instagram likes an app that involves swapping likes to help you get more followers. But, again, everything is automated, so there’s no need to worry about spending the whole day doing nothing.


You just need to choose where you want to spend your earned likes. You don’t even need to register with them to use it; just sign in using your Instagram account. After that, you may automatically trade likes with other individuals and increase the number of likes you can get. Finally, if you’ve accumulated a sufficient number of likes, you may begin to reap the benefits of the free likes.


20. AI Grow

AI Grow Instagram Followers

AI Grow is a powerful Instagram followers tool that can help you with your follower growth requirements. They may assist you in increasing the number of followers on your page and other elements of your interaction. What’s the most incredible part? Signing up is free, and they can even help you arrange new material weeks or even months ahead of time, so you can go back to generating even more of it.


21. Instarabbit


Instarabbit aims to ensure that you get all of the interaction you want for effective Instagram development. They understand that you desire a real Instagram following with no false followers. It is why they offer to expand your account organically with a professional account manager that can assist you in gaining more followers.


They even offer a free trial that you can use without providing your credit card information. Before choosing whether their service is perfect for you, their free sign-up will connect you with an account manager and allow you to test it out for free. Then, if you decide it’s for you, you may begin using all of the Instagram growth capabilities they provide.


22. Megafollow


With an Instagram followers software like Megafollow to help you increase your follower count, there’s only one way to go: up. You can be sure that Megafollow, like so many of the firms on our list, will be able to supply you with exceptional services while also being responsible efficiently. It is in a chat window at the bottom of their webpage, where you may ask them questions or receive assistance with a problem.


23. Instaswift


Instaswift aspires to make its customers famous on Instagram by assisting them in growing their following. They promise to be not just dependable but also sustainable and that once you’ve been set up with them, everything will be simple.


Instaswift has made its services available to everyone, which means its features will work for you regardless of your industry or niche. Speaking of specialized, you may tailor their services to meet your specific requirements, making them well worth your time and money. You may even select between automatic and manual processes — it’s all up to you in the end.


24. Instazood


Instazood intends to assist its clients with all areas of their Instagram growth, not simply the number of followers. Instazood can help you expand your Instagram account by browsing stories commenting on other people’s stuff, following them, and even sending direct messages.


They provide a free three-day trial, allowing you to test them out before committing to anything. They offer an abundance of customization options and filters that you can use to expand your Instagram following.


25. Social Acceleratorz

Social Acceleratorz

Social Accelerators is one of the fastest-growing applications on the market that may assist you in expanding your Instagram following.  They offer a rather basic but successful approach for their customers to follow, which involves boosting your content throughout all social media platforms and among groups who will enjoy what they see. Their automatic program ensures that you get the interaction you want, and all you have to do is give your login with them to get started.


26. Share Supplier

Share Supplier Instagram Followers apps

Share Supplier claims to have all of the social media marketing solutions you need to make your social media marketing simple, economical, and successful. One of the most delicate things about them is that they can assist you with many platforms, from Facebook to Instagram to Pinterest and Twitter. They want to provide high-quality services to their customers, but they also want to offer them at reasonable pricing.


27. IstLike

IstLike Instagram followers apps

IstLike is as easy as it seems – but that doesn’t mean it’s not a helpful Instagram followers tool for growing your account. They may assist you in gaining more followers for your profile and more likes on your material, allowing your engagement rate to remain at an optimal level. IstLike is simple to use, and it has been designed so that both Android and iOS users may benefit from it.


28. Fastlykke

Fastlykke Instagram followers apps

Fastlykke promises to be one of the most powerful platforms available compared to all Instagram apps available to gain more followers. They claim to be able to assist you not just to get more Instagram followers but also with things like comments and likes.


Fastlykke is without a doubt one of the most reliable companies around. Even if anything goes wrong, they give a money-back guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about losing money.  Their pricing is very reasonable, with the possibility to get up to 500 new Instagram followers for as little as $5.


29. Get 1000 Plus Followers Android

1000 Plus Followers

As the name implies, this is the kind of Instagram followers software that may help you get a significant increase in followers.  This app can assist you with trending hashtag ideas to make sure the rest of your Instagram profile is up to par. It also offers personal preferences that you can adjust depending on your needs.


30. The Genuine Likes App

The Genuine Likes App

The Genuine Likes App offers real Instagram followers, comments, and likes. The most significant part is that they provide a full refund if things don’t work out and you don’t get your purchase, and their rates start at $3. It is the kind of Instagram followers tool you want to use if you need assistance with all of your gramme engagement, not just your followers.


31. The Rite Forge

Rite Forge Instagram Followers apps

Rite Forge intends to assist you not only grow your Instagram following and plan more spectacular posts that will benefit these followers once you have them. They look at the larger picture and realize that your Instagram is about more than simply having a huge following. You have to maintain it sustainable, and if you can’t do that, you won’t be able to get those new followers to remain around. Rite Forge aims to help you arrange forthcoming content and interact with all the correct individuals with their efficient growth tools.


32. IG Forsage

IG Forsage Instagram followers apps

One of the most delicate features of this Instagram followers software is that it can assist you on various platforms other than Android. After you’ve joined in and verified your identity, you can start enjoying more likes and followers on your Instagram account — for free. After gaining access to your Instagram profile, IG Forsage may begin conducting actions on your behalf. You, too, may do this and get coins in return.


Best Free Apps for Increasing Real Instagram Followers

33. Real Followers for Instagram

Real Followers for Instagram

This Android software can only be used for Instagram growth, and the most remarkable thing is that all of its functions are completely free to use. With Instagram’s helpful tag clues and user-friendly layout, you may fast become famous. It will assist you in attracting only active and confirmed followers. The most incredible thing is that it is secure, so you won’t have to worry about jeopardizing your reputation.


34. Turbo Followers for Instagram

Turbo Followers for Instagram

Turbo Followers for Instagram is an excellent tool for attracting the right users on macOS, iOS, and Android. To expand your following by 1000 free followers, you have to follow a few other accounts and gather money. You may spend these coins to get real followers, with a payout of 1000 new followers. The most fantastic aspect is that this Instagram followers software can be used on your smartphone and PC.


35. Fame Club – Get Real Instagram Followers and Likes

Get Real Instagram Followers and Likes

The Fame Club Instagram followers app can assist users in locating relevant, popular hashtags for their content. It is compatible with Android phones running 5.0 or later, and it may securely assist you in growing your Instagram account using hot hashtags. The most significant thing is that the more you put into it, the more you’ll receive out of it, so using their hashtag ideas is entirely up to you.


36. Followers and Unfollowers

Followers and Unfollowers

The following Instagram followers app on our list is compatible with Android and is one of the highest-rated free Instagram followers apps available. It now has over one million downloads, which is rather astounding. With this app, you may see your profile insights and those who haven’t followed you. It is a beautiful Instagram followers app to use if you’re curious about who hasn’t followed you back and enjoy the notion of gaining real followers.


37. Get Super Followers

Get Super Followers

This Instagram followers app for Android will help you boost your followers without spending any money – it’s completely free. It’s also effortless to download, and it’ll take you less than twenty seconds. It’s secure and won’t take up much space on your smartphone. It can only be used on a smartphone, but it has a vintage camera, which makes it popular among its fans.


38. Free Followers and Likes

Free Followers and Likes

If you have an Android device, the next app on our list to help you obtain more Instagram followers will be ideal for you. If the notion of earning free followers appeals to you, you should investigate it more. It may also assist you in locating famous photographs and videos and highlight the most pleasing tags to follow and use, depending on your specialty. It makes it quite simple to share your articles with everyone and may assist you in finding the appropriate captions for your material.


39. Insta Influencer

Insta Influencer

When was the last time your follower count increased by 1000 in a single day? Even this is possible with the final application on our list. Downloading this app, seeing their advertisements, and flipping cards to get points will provide you access to popular hashtags that will attract thousands of new followers.


40. Get Likes and Followers Free

Get Likes and Followers Free

If you desire complimentary Instagram followers, this fresh new Instagram followers app for Android will be the next greatest thing in your life. It’s also one of the highest-rated, so you can rest confident that you’re in excellent hands. It’s also well-known for being easy to use, which is a bonus. One of the most excellent features of this brand new Instagram followers app is that it may also provide you with free likes, and the more you use and like the app, the more followers you will get.


41. Followers and Likes Analyzer

Followers and Likes Analyzer

This pleasant, easy, simple technique to gain free, real Instagram followers is the solution for everyone who wants to build an account without spending any money. This tool can also examine other accounts in your business to help you select themes, photographs, and tags that will attract more of the ideal followers to your material.


42. InsEnGage


It is the app to obtain more Instagram followers if you have Android 4.1 or above. This free software is more of a handbook that may assist you in gaining up to 5000 new followers for free. With this software, it’s simple to get more Instagram followers, and the most incredible thing is that they’re real. It also has a hashtag generator to help you discover the ideal tags for your area, and you can obtain as many likes for your work as you like. They also make it simple to schedule your postings.


43. Get Followers and Likes

Get Followers and Likes

If you want to maximize the benefits of owning an Instagram app to get more followers, you may try to Buy Followers and Likes. As the name suggests, you may raise the number of likes and follows for your content.  It is the most fabulous Instagram followers app if you own an Android device. One of the most excellent features is that you do not need to establish an account or log in to use this app. To get followers and likes you must use this top Instagram Followers apps on the list.


44. Real Followers and Get Likes for Instagram

Real Followers and Get Likes for Instagram

If you are looking for the best Instagram Followers apps, this app is for you. Do you want to be able to build your Instagram account authentically and organically by using an app that may help you obtain more followers and likes than ever before? Then you should look at the next app on our list. If you have an Android device, we suggest installing this app. The most significant thing is that you don’t have to pay for it, and it also comes with a slew of editing tools to help your articles get traction fast.


45. Follower Insight for Instagram

Follower Insight for Instagram

The third Instagram followers app on our list works by providing you with detailed information that may help you get more followers rapidly. In addition, it will assist you in determining the best content and hashtags to use to attract the correct folks. You may learn who is following you, not following you, and likes your stuff. It may also help you manage and monitor your accounts more efficiently, and all of its sophisticated services are free. It is among the best Instagram Followers apps.


FAQs – Instagram Followers Apps

Why Should I Take Advantage of a Free Trial?


If any of the applications on our list that supply Instagram followers offer a free trial, you should take advantage of it. A free trial is an excellent method to learn about a business and how they operate without committing to anything. Most of the time, they will not request your credit card information, and if they do, we advise against providing it. Instead, take advantage of free trials whenever and whenever you can before signing up for anything.


Why Do I Need More followers?


We live in a reasonably competitive environment where it’s almost hard for individuals to increase their Instagram accounts organically most of the time. Finding a firm that can help you expand your followers for a reasonable price is a beautiful way to unload some of the stress of growing your account onto a third party, allowing you to concentrate on creating more excellent content.


What Is the Distinction Between Affordable and Cheap?


There’s a broader gap between inexpensive and cheap than you may assume. Cheap typically suggests that the services are of poor quality, while cheap means that you’re getting a good bargain while still receiving high-quality services. When you discover as you do more research on Instagram followers apps like this, the lower the pricing, the poorer the quality.


What exactly is the Instagram Followers App?


It is an app meant to either make an Instagram account follow the usage of the app’s Instagram account without the user’s knowledge, or it’s designed to produce the correct hashtags that the user may use in their engagement strategy to boost their following.


What Is the Purpose of Using an Instagram Followers App?


It’s no secret that Instagram is the social media platform’s holy grail, and the more followers you have, the more legitimacy your account has. If you have millions of followers, you have a more incredible opportunity of collaborating with businesses and influencers and earning a livelihood from your profile in the future.


Is it safe to use Instagram Followers Apps?


Yes and no are the correct answers. If they don’t ask for your login information, such as your password, it’s secure to use. It’s also acceptable if they employ hashtags, a game, or advertisements to assist you in growing your account.


Do Instagram Follower Apps Work?


While some function quite well, others are merely trials and will not be as effective. It is why it’s critical that you properly study the reviews and understand how many times it’s been downloaded before you.


How Do They Function?


Every Instagram followers app has a distinct method of assisting its users in gaining more Instagram followers. You may be given the choice of playing a game or watching an advertisement at times. You play the game if you wish to gain points. You can then use these points to purchase hashtags that they believe are appropriate for your page. After using specific hashtags in your posts, you may become viral and get additional followers. Other applications will use the points you get to propose the most delicate articles and images, which will likely boost the number of people who see your work.


How Can I Get Free Instagram Followers?


Each Instagram followers app has its method of providing free Instagram followers. When they say ‘free,’ they imply you don’t have to spend money to get the followers. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll have access to free editing tools to help you make your images look their best. Other programs may help you identify the best hashtags, and after you’ve uploaded your material, you’ll be able to get a substantial number of followers.  Is it possible to get followers without following anyone? Don’t worry — the bulk of the apps on our list can help you get followers without needing to follow anybody.


What Is the reliable App for Ghost Followers?


Crowdbabble is an app that may help you get fake followers. However, they have now modified their approach to helping their consumers and no longer provide this service. Therefore, we do not encourage bogus apps since they might get you in hot water.

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