Top Free Parental Control Apps For Android


This post will explain the best free Parental Control apps for Android to use in 2022. No matter what area of the globe is, parents always want the best for their kids in every situation. But, cell phones and the internet make it challenging to attain that goal. Unfortunately, there are many ways kids can misuse their cell phones. The difficulty is that you can’t ignore the issue and not give your smartphones because they need them to socialize, engage, take lessons, etc.


It is why parents need some effective parental control apps for smartphones so that they can at least regulate or monitor what their kids do on their smartphones. In addition, parents might gain some sense of security that their kids might not use the smartphone for some undesirable activities by having a parental control app in place.


Because parental control apps have such an essential job, it is crucial that you only purchase the best ones. Therefore, you can find the finest parental control apps for Android cellphones on our list.


Best Free Parental Control Apps For Android in 2022

In this post you will discover the best Parental Control apps for Android users.


1. SecureTeen Parental Control


SecureTeen Parental Control App

SecureTeen is a comprehensive parental control app with a slew of unique features. You can use it to limit apps, manage screen time, and even monitor your children’s social media activity. Additionally, it allows you to track your internet history.


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2. OurPact


OurPact as Parental Control apps

Next on the list is OurPact, and this is also an excellent app for parental control. You may use this software to set up all of the basic parental controls, such as barring your children’s internet access, limiting their text messages, and even regulating their apps. Although the software is not as popular as the others on the list, it is a robust and feature-rich app.

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One of the app’s best features is establishing daily screen time limitations. Additionally, you may configure the app to load just specific websites and restrict text messages. In general, it’s a robust program with a plethora of functions.


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3. Kaspersky Safekids


Kaspersky SafeKids

Kaspersky is another well-known name for online safety and security, and they too have a parental control program called Kaspersky Safekids. And if you’re looking for the necessary parental control tools, this is the program to download.


It may be used to block apps, restrict access to sensitive websites, and manage screen time, among other things. The program is easy to use and boasts a slew of valuable functions.


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4. FamiSafe


FamiSafe Parental Control apps

Many parents become anxious when their children leave the house since they have no idea where they are. It is where the FamiSafe app can be pretty useful. This program allows you to establish screen time limits and includes a trustworthy location tracker for Android cellphones. It is among the best Parental Control app on our list.


Apart from these two dependable capabilities, this software has additional parental control features. It enables you to track your location and monitor the app’s usage, among other things. One of the best features of this app is that it allows you to block access to specific apps and games.


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5. Google Family Link


Google Family Link as Parental Control apps

If you are looking for best Parental Control app, You should visit Google Family Link. Google is also working to make the digital world safer for children and is pursuing this goal. Additionally, they have a program called Google Family Link. This program enables you to establish guidelines for what your children are permitted to learn, play, and explore on the internet.


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6. Norton Family Parental Control

Norton Family Parental Control


Norton is a well-known brand for digital device security and privacy solutions. Fortunately, Norton also offers a parental control app called Norton Family.

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The software has standard parental control capabilities, such as monitoring web activity, tracking location, and blocking specific apps. Further, perhaps most importantly, it enables you to monitor all movies your children view using the Norton browser. recommends its visitors to install this finest Parental Control app.


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7. Safe Family

Safe Family as Parental Control apps


Well, if you are looking for a parental control app, you want the finest. Safe Family, on the other hand, is precisely the app you require. McAfee developed this software, which is undoubtedly one of the best parental control apps for Android.


Several of this app’s primary features enable you to monitor your child’s activity and restrict sensitive content that may be inappropriate for children. Additionally, the app provides you with information on your app usage, location, etc. The best part is that you can complete all of this work remotely. It is an app worth trying.


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8. Kids Place

Kids Place Parental Controls


Children’s Place is one of the greatest titles for a parental control app. It is an excellent app because it enables you to customize your child’s smartphone. So again, this app is wonderful for monitoring and controlling what your children do with their smartphones.


Moreover, as with many of the other apps on our list, this one may be used to restrict access to specific apps and websites. However, the best part is that it allows you to disable Play Store purchases.


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So this is the post on best Parental Control app available today. Also read article on best Offline Translator Apps for Android & iOS.

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