20 Best Sites Like MovieTube to Watch Movies Online Free


In this post you will discover the best MovieTube alternatives sites to watch movies and TVshows free online. Since the closure of MovieTube.co, audiences have been on the lookout for sites that are similar to MovieTube, and that can fill the vacuum left by the absence of free streaming movies and television series. After doing some investigation, I discovered several unique options that are much superior and more content-rich than MovieTube used to be.

How to Watch movies on Movietube?

Movietube is simple to use; go to the website, choose the movie you want to watch, and press the play button. The movie will then begin to play in your browser. You can also get free movie downloads link.

MovieTube App Google Play

The Movietube app at the Google Play store shows all newly released movies, movies still playing in cinemas, and upcoming releases. In addition, Movietube is a user-friendly and intelligent app for managing your movie collection: You may add movies to your Wish list or your Watched list, and you can also create your collection.

MovieTube to apk Download

Movietube to Apk is an Android app that provides users with the most excellent and comprehensive collection of entertainment stuff to stream and enjoys. Movietube App, Apk is a platform where users can stream free movies and web series. So if you want the best quality entertainment package, download it free from internet.

What happened to Movietube.co?

MovieTube is a well-known website and application, but it stopped working due to Copyright Infringement.

What site replaced MovieTube?

There are many MovieTube websites on the internet as clones; you can find movietube.video,  movietube.digital, movietube.cc, and more

Is Movietube a safe website to use?

Yes, But you are advised to use a VPN extension just in case your internet provider decides to spy.

Sites Like MovieTube – 20 Best MovieTube Alternatives Free Online

If you’re looking for movie websites similar to MovieTube, check a look at the fantastic options I’ve assembled in the list below. As far as I know, any movie enthusiast would fall head over heels for these options, and they will be their new go-to location for movie streaming. So without ado lets move to MovieTube alternatives sites.

Some of these sites like Movietube, are clones of popular sites that went down yet achieved excellent popularity over time. I prefer to select sites where registration is not required so that users may watch their favorite movies and shows without difficulty.

1. Solar Movie


If you are looking for the best MovieTube.co sites, Solar movies is the best alternatives site to watch free online movies TVshows. The registration procedure on this site is optional. However, You should do this if you want to ask for movies from this site. It organizes them by genre, country, rating, and date. It provides movies and TV shows in various genres such as adventure, crime, drama, mystery, and horror. You may also check the most recent movies and TV shows news on this site. Most of the movies and shows on this site are in HD quality, providing users with the best streaming experience.

2. Flixster


This fantastic service enables its users to stream and downloads their favorite movies while on the go. Furthermore, the movies are classed and categorized in a variety of ways. As a result, it offers its users a soothing and lag-free experience. Nonetheless, it is now the most incredible MovieTube alternatives website.

3. Icefilms


The distinctive feature of this online entertainment platform is that it provides its visitors with a diverse selection of entertainment, including movies, TV shows, and documentaries. You can find organized and simple to use website as they added Trending now, recently added episodes, recently added movies for the ease of its users. It is, without a doubt, our favorite choice among MovieTube alternatives.

4. LookMovie


LookMovie is a feature-rich movie streaming sites like MovieTube . It offers a professionally designed interface, many filtering options for movies and TV shows, featured thumbnails labeled with IMDB rating, movie quality, release year, and many more excellent options. Its collection is huge in and of itself, and they are continually adding newly released movies to its library to ensure that its consumers have access to the most current releases.

Alternatively, because of the comprehensive filter options, you’ll be able to find new to old movies in no time. In addition, it has some advertising banners, which are acceptable for free movie websites. However, It is the best MovieTube alternatives site you should visit to watch movies online for free.

5. MoviesJoy


Like other best MovieTube alternatives, It is another ad-free and feature-rich platform with over 10,000 movies and TV shows from 13 different countries. MoviesJoy is a new service, but it is quickly becoming popular because it gives its users the best streaming experience. It doesn’t need to be registered to do this. So you don’t need to give us any more information about yourself. As a result, you are not required to provide any further information about yourself.

The best thing about MoviesJoy is that it does not divert you to spam sites when you click the play button. Instead, it offers you a vast list of choices so that you can quickly search for the movie of your choice. Another appealing feature of MoviesJoy is its amazing filtering function, which lets you sort movies and TV shows by release year, quality, genre, and nation. In a nutshell, it’s one of the best choices for sites like MovieTube.

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6. Megashare


When it comes to listing movie sites like MovieTube, Megashare is the best alternative site in our opinion. Even though it mainly serves movies and has fewer TV shows, Megashare remains a well-organized and diverse platform for moviegoers. You may choose not to sign up if you prefer, but I always recommend it. They have organized all of the movies and TV shows into genres such as action, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, comedy, etc. You can even find anime here. They also have some content for Asian dramas and reality shows. However, I must agree that the site lacks updating compared to other sites like MovieTube, but given its popularity, I believe it is a solid alternative for streaming movies. You can say that it is one of the best MovieTube alternatives we have on our list.

7. Movie4k


If you are searching for the best MovieTube alternatives you should look at Movie4k. Movie4k.to domain is now unavailable in most locations. Thus I enlisted this one to the category of movie sites like MovieTube. This site is a newer version of the one that came before it. It has a lot of TV shows and movies for people to choose from.  Aside from the direct movies and TVshows accessible on Movie4k, they also provide the fantastic possibility to watch free live TV on this site. There are many genres, each with its own set of files, making it easy to choose one. Movie4k does not need you to sign up on their site, which saves users a lot of hassle. Movie4k is a fantastic alternative for the list of sites like MovieTube since it is often updated and has an extensive database.

8. Primewire


With so many sites debuting for free movie streaming every day, I believe users have forgotten what a fantastic choice Primewire is for this list of sites similar to MovieTube. It is a well-known site that offers not just streaming movies but also TV shows and music. Primewire needs you to first sign on to their site, a free and quick procedure. If the enlisted domain is not functioning, you might check one of their other domains, such as org or is.

This site also allows you to download movies, but you need to require extension software. Fortunately, the site is updated regularly, so you should not be surprised if you find a movie published yesterday on the site. It is the famous MovieTube alternatives among other sites.

Best Streaming Sites to watch Movies;

9. PopcornFlix


PopcornFlix is a streaming platform that doesn’t require much introduction, So I put it at the list of sites similar to MovieTube. PopcornFlix, one of the most adaptive and popular movie websites, even has its own app. You can watch full-length movies for free here while signing up is optional. It won’t be a hassle to take 2 minutes to do so. Once you’ve created profile, the site will carefully consider your choices.

They offer a fantastic directory with classified shows and movies that will help you find your preferred content precisely. The site has been online since 1999 and is compatible with a variety of operating systems. I’m sure you don’t want to miss out on this fantastic chance to watch both new and vintage movies and shows.

10. Putlocker


I don’t believe I need much of an introduction for this site since Putlocker is widely considered the deity of this category. Of course, the original site is no longer operational, and this is a clone, as I already indicated under the category of MovieTube like sites. Although being a clone, this site has established itself as yet another amazing choice for high-quality free streaming movies and TV episodes. On this website, you can watch any show or movie, including Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Justice League.

11. Soap2Day

ssoap2day best Movietube alternatives

Soap2Day has not garnered as much popularity as MovieTube, Solarmovies, and other famous movie streaming giants. However, it is the best movie streaming site on the list. It features a one-of-a-kind, ad-free design. Signing up is not required. All kinds of things are there, from movies to TV shows to sports.  It also has an extensive collection of movies from many genres such as action, family, horror, romance, sci-fi, comedy, and more.

Because of its vast movie selection, you will undoubtedly find something entertaining to watch no matter what genre of movie you prefer. It also lets you sort movies by new, release, popular, and IMDB ratings. It offers a fantastic viewing experience. Yes, I’m serious. No advertisements or commercial windows appear while viewing movies or using the play button to stream a movie. So many users on Technedo suggest us to add Soap2day in the list of best MovieTube alternatives.

12. Genvideos

genvideos best Movietube alternatives

I’m sure many users here have no idea about this site, but believe me when I say it may be a terrific way to watch movies and TV shows for free. The signup procedure on Genvideos is entirely optional; however, as you may know, every subscription comes with specific bonuses such as excellent movie recommendations and regular site updates. Now, when it comes to the database on this website, Genvideos is just perfect for movies.

You’ll find a variety of genres here, including love, horror, anime, comedy, and action. Aside from that, there are additional categorizations such as most seen and most recently released movies. True, the site is behind infrequent updates, but you can still watch all popular movies here. The thing that you can watch all of the movies in high quality makes it for inclusion on our list of sites like MovieTube.


13. Shaanig

shaanig as Movietube alternatives

Shaanig.se is yet another fantastic online movie and video streaming website. It provides substantial customer service, and the site’s most notable feature is its user-friendliness and interactive graphical user interface. Every user can view and download their favorite movie for free.

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The website contains many new and vintage movies from all genres and categories. Users may search for whatever kind of video they want to watch, such as action, romance, or a thriller. Users may now download or stream their favorite TV shows and series online, in addition to movies. It is one of the most popular MovieTube alternatives accessible online.

14. Rainierland

Rainierland alternatives

You may watch free movies on Rainierland as alternatives to MovieTube.co. This website is popular with customers due to its dark background and user-friendly layout (UI). This website contains fewer adverts than others. There are different locations for storing new and old movies. A separate server is used for streaming movies. In contrast, the website does not load exceptionally quickly.

15. Vumoo

vumoo as Movietube alternatives

Vumoo is a well-known brand in the streaming industry. If you’re a movie fan, you’ve probably heard of this movie site already. A lot of free movie sites like MovieTube haven’t been as good as it has been at giving people great movie-watching experiences.   This site is less organized than MovieTube, but it is still simple to use and worth looking at.

To watch movies on Vumoo, you do not need to submit any information such as your name, email address, or credit card number. Instead, go to the URL mentioned above, enter the movie title or choose from the highlighted movies on the home page, click on the movie title, and press the play button. This way, you can watch your favorite movie for free when you watch it online.

16. WatchFree

watchfree as Movietube alternatives

The oldest movie streaming site lets you watch movies and TV shows in high definition without registering. At the top of the home page, WatchFree promotes popular movies, Latest Movies, HD movies, and the Top 100 movies. You may also filter movies by genre, including western, thriller, mystery, drama, history, crime, and action.

The nicest part about WatchFree is that it does not redirect you to spam sites or display popups when you click the play button to view a movie. Without a doubt, it offers a superior movie-watching experience when compared to sites like MovieTube. It is current. Here you may effortlessly watch recently released movies.

17. XMovies8


It is the best site to watch latest movies online and also an excellent MovieTube alternatives. I’m sure you’ve used this site before since it has a clear layout and many users. However, TV program fans will be disappointed since Xmovies8 only has a movie database on its website. Xmovie8 is an excellent choice for the list of sites similar to new movietube website since it is free to use and does not need registration.

All movies are accessible in high quality, and their ratings and genre tags. On this site, you can also check through many categories such as popular movies, new releases, most-watched, etc. You may also search for them based on the year they were published and the genres they belong to. Because it is free to use, you will encounter a lot of advertising here.

18. 123Movies

123movies as Movietube alternatives

To be valid, I have a soft spot for this MovieTube alternatives because I, too, prefer to watch movies on this site. And why wouldn’t I be if they have so much to offer, not to mention the most up-to-date items? And it’s not only about the movies; with the good news and reviews, Users may finally be able to discover all there is to know about a certain movie or television program season. I agree that some ad issues might be annoying at times, but I believe it’s worth it when you have up to 7-8 different server options for the same film.

Rather than single shows, 123Movies concentrates on TV series. If you want to stay up with current streaming shows, you can also check out their Live TV option. With everything available for free and without the need to register on this site, I believe 123Movies is the best list among the sites like MovieTube. Don’t forget to check out their many categorizations, such as genres, popular, most-watched, and so on, so that you can quickly connect to the presently popular content.

19. Afdah

afdah Movietube alternatives

It is one of the best locations to watch all your favorite movies because it is free. Afdah is and excellent alternative to Movietube. Because there is ample space for movies and other content, this streaming service will offer a similar experience to Movies 7. There is no membership requirement to watch and see TV series and short movies on afdah. In addition, it does not require membership to accomplish.


20. Yify

Download YTS YIFY movies

Yify is an excellent location to begin your search for a movie streaming service. It has all the features you’d expect from a free streaming service, such as an attractive user interface and a vast library of Movies and series from around the world. To receive the quickest speeds in your area, you should choose a VPN service with high bandwidth. YiFY or YTS can also be used to uncover series and movies that you have never seen before. It is among excellent free movie sites like Movietube.


Some of these sites, such as Movietube, are clones of popular sites that went down but garnered massive popularity over time. I prefer to select sites where registration is optional, like Movietube so that visitors can watch their favorite movies and shows without difficulty.

You may find it all on these sites regarding the adaptability and favorite content of multiple users. I also tried to include several lesser-known sites with fantastic information, but they have yet to achieve popularity. So, check out these sites and prepare for a beautiful weekend.

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