Best Offline Translator Apps for Android & iOS

Offline Translator Apps for Android & iOS

This post is about the best Offline translator apps for android and iOS users available today. If you’re traveling to a foreign nation, you’ll need a translator app to help you navigate, read menus, grasp local expressions, and more. And it’s even better if the translator app can be used offline. Because you are traveling to a new location, you cannot be certain that internet access will be available everywhere. In such cases, an offline translator app might be really useful. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top 8 offline translator apps for Android and iOS. You can only download language packs depending on the country to which you are traveling. Let’s get started on the list.

Best Android and iOS Offline Translator Apps

The following are the best offline translator apps for Android and iOS. You may quickly get to the related app by clicking on the link below. Keep in mind that in order to use the offline feature, you must first download the language pack. As a result, after downloading the app, ensure that you have downloaded the offline resources.

What is an Offline Translator App?

You may use an offline translator app to translate documents into your original language even if you don’t have internet access. In general, apps employ internet services to accurately analyze and translate messages. However, there are some apps that can do all of this while still being completely offline.

People may converse in two languages in real time, identify speech and translate appropriately, transcribe the voice, detect handwriting, snap photographs and translate, and much more using an offline translator app.

Top Translator Apps for iOS and Android

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft, like Google and Apple, has released its own translator app, which includes offline support. Indeed, Microsoft has enhanced the app to the point where it now competes with Google Translate and Apple Translate. It’s one of the few offline translator apps that supports more than 70 languages, outnumbering Google’s 59. Keep in mind, however, that offline support is limited to text mode only.

Aside from that, you may also use voice translation and hold bilingual conversations at the same time. Microsoft Translator’s distinguishing feature is the ability to have multi-person conversations with up to 100 individuals. Simply connect your devices and converse in real time. Isn’t it incredible?

You should add that you have a camera and screenshot translation. Overall, I believe Microsoft Translator is one of the best offline translator apps, and you should absolutely give it a try.

Key Features: In offline mode, it supports over 70 languages. Camera translation, conversation mode, picture upload, and translation.

Install: Android / iOS (Free)

Google Translate

Google Translate

Google Translate is without a doubt one of the best offline translator apps available for Android and iOS. In offline mode, you can translate around 59 languages, including important languages like Chinese, German, Japanese, Italian, and many more, as well as many other languages.

It is important to note that you must first download the language pack before you can translate languages while offline. Aside from that, it has a camera mode that lets you look at documents, menus, signs, and other things and have them translated right away so you can read them.

Following that, it offers a chat mode that works very well for live translation. Finally, the transcribed mode allows you to speak and translate in real time, although it is only accessible in 19 languages. Overall, I would say that Google Translate raises the standard for a translator app, providing a flawless experience even when you are offline.

Key Features: Camera Mode, Conversation Mode, Transcribe instantly in 59 languages, upload photos and translate texts, and perform handwriting recognition and translation.

Install: Android / iOS (Free)

Apple Translate

Apple Translate

If you’re looking for the best offline translator app for iPhones, pick out the new Apple Translate app. Apple created the app, which presently supports up to 11 languages. The best part is that Apple Translate supports offline mode in all 11 languages. Sure, the language selection isn’t as extensive as Google’s 59 languages, but Apple is always improving the app and will add additional languages in the future.

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It now supports major languages such as Chinese, French, German, Russian, and others. Aside from that, you can look up the meanings of translated terms, save translations, and use real-time translation to hold a discussion.In terms of its functionality set, it certainly competes with Google Translate. More information may be found in our comparison of Google Translate versus Apple Translate.

Key Features: Mode of conversation, Transcription Instantly, 11 languages supported, and it’s completely free to use.

Install: iOS 14 has it preinstalled.

Translate Now

Translate Now - Translator

Translate Now is another excellent offline translator app for iOS. It supports more than 110 languages, although offline translation is limited to more than 30 languages. You may use voice translation, camera translation, AR translation, and other features similar to those found in other offline translator apps.

AR translation allows you to find the term for items in your environment. The distinctive part of Translate Now is the Translator keyboard, which enables you to text in over 60 languages inside your favorite apps. Not to mention that you can create your own personal phrasebook for easy reference.Taking everything into consideration, I would say Translate Now is a dependable offline translator app for iOS that you should give a try.

Key Features: Camera translation, conversation mode, AR translation, and an offline phrasebook are just some of the features that come with this app.

Install: iOS

SayHi Translate

SayHi Translate

SayHi Translate is the last offline translator app on our list, but it’s rather feature-rich and performs a good job of translation. It’s designed mainly for real-time bilingual conversations. It supports 50 languages in total, but there is no offline mode for conversations.

However, you may use the app offline for clipboard translation, phrasebooks, storing translations, recording conversations, and other tasks. What I like best about this app is how quick it is at both transcribing and reading aloud the translated text.

I will not add that the language identification is excellent. To summarize, if you’re seeking a translator app to hold conversations in other languages, SayHi Translate is simply the best app available.

Key features: support for approximately 50 languages; best for bilingual conversations; In offline mode, do the following operations: Recognition of speech Quick and precise.

Install: Android / iOS (Free)

Speak and Translate

Speak & Translate - Translator

Speak and Translate, as the name indicates, is a translator app based on real-time conversation translation. It’s a fantastic iOS app that works flawlessly when you’re connected to the internet. And if you’re offline, you can translate messages into 59 languages with ease. For your knowledge, Speak and Translate supports over 117 languages, which is fantastic.

There’s also Snap mode, which is essentially a camera translation; language identification during conversations, iCloud connectivity, and a lot more. Having said that, bear in mind that the app leverages Microsoft and Google’s services in the backend to appropriately translate languages. So, if you’re looking for a robust offline translator app for iOS, Speak and Translate is a good choice.

Key Features: In offline mode, it supports over 59 languages, with a total of 117 languages supported, as well as Snap mode and Conversation mode. It uses Google and Microsoft services.

Install: iOS (Free)

ITranslate Translator

iTranslate Language Translator

iTranslate Translator is a sophisticated offline translator app that supports over 100 languages. However, in offline mode, you may use up to 40 different languages. In voice-to-voice mode, you may effortlessly translate texts, websites, or just hold conversations. The best part about this app is that it has an integrated dictionary that allows you to look up the meaning of translated terms.

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Not to mention that popular phrasebooks in a wide range of languages are available, making it easy to talk to people in a new country.While the app is available for both Android and iOS, it works much better on iOS. So, if the new Apple Translate app seems to be lacking in functionality, I would pick iTranslate Translator for your iPhone. It’s important to note that most of the features are only available if you sign up for a monthly membership plan.

Key Features: Supports over 40 languages in offline mode, camera translation, voice-to-voice mode, uploading pictures and translating them.

Install: Android / iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

Naver Papago

Naver Papago

Naver Papago has grown in popularity in a very short period of time. It’s one of the few services that uses artificial intelligence to translate languages in real time. While it only supports 13 languages (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, and so on), it provides an exact translation using a robust algorithm. For text translation, the app works even while you are offline.

And, unlike the other apps on our list, it also works in offline mode during conversations, but it is limited to simple emotions. Aside from that, you have picture translation, voice translation, handwriting recognition, and so on. In tandem, Naver Papago offers some of the best features available, and you just can’t go wrong with them.

Key Features: In offline mode, it supports 13 languages. Text and camera translation, voice translation, AI-powered handwriting recognition.

Install: Android / iOS (Free)


Q: Which is the best offline translator app?

I would absolutely pick Google Translate as the best offline translator app. However, some services, like Microsoft Translator and iTranslate Translator, do a good job when you’re not connected to the internet.

Q. Is There a Translator App That Doesn’t Require Internet Access?

Yes, there are a plethora of translator apps that do not require access to the internet. In this list, we have included the top 8 offline translator apps for both Android and iOS. A few examples include Google Translate, Apple Translate, and Microsoft Translator.

Q. Can I use the Google Translate app while I’m not connected to the internet?

Yes, just hit the hamburger menu and choose “Offline translation.” Download the language pack from this page, and you may now use the app in offline mode to translate the specified language.

Q. What is the best free iPhone translator app?

As for the best offline translator app for the iPhone, I would have chosen iTranslate. The offline functionality, on the other hand, is not free. In such a scenario, you may utilise the new Apple Translate app, which supports around 13 languages and is available for free. Simply upgrade to iOS 14 to receive the Apple Translate app.

Q: Is iTranslate superior to Google Translate?

I believe Google Translate is superior to iTranslate since it is completely free and supports more than 59 languages in offline mode. On the other hand, iTranslate, on the other hand, can only function with 40 languages offline, and the capability is not accessible to free users.

Q. Is iTranslate free to use?

Yes, iTranslate is free for text translation only. To use offline mode, chat mode, or camera translation, you must subscribe to its subscription plan, which begins at $3 per month.

Choose the Best Offline Translator App for Android and iOS.

So these are the best offline translator apps for Android and iOS.You may use Google Translate for the best overall experience, or you can try the other options suggested above. That’s all we have for now. If you’re looking for the best note-taking apps for Android, check out our related post. And if you have any queries, please leave them in the comments section below.

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