Putlocker Alternatives – 35 Best Sites to Watch Movies and TVshows

Putlocker alternatives

In this post, you will learn about the top Putlocker alternatives for watching movies and TV series online for free. Do you love watching movies and television shows? Do you want to watch them for free online but don’t know how? Then you don’t need to search any further.

Putlocker is a free online entertainment portal where you can watch licensed and copyrighted movies. This site’s database does not contain any movies or other enjoyable content. Instead of providing a collection of their own searched movies for the readers’ information, it primarily serves as a host platform for third-party movie providers. Today, most websites use this forum as a host platform instead of storing their movies in their database. It has grouped all movies and other entertainment databases in alphabetical order based on the databases of these platforms.

This platform’s simple and user-friendly online design allowed users to search for their favorite movies whenever they wanted. Searching for movies is as simple as typing the movie into the search field, browsing the alphabetical list of movies, or simply filtering using the genre system. The films are accessible in nearly every genre, with the most popular being action, comedy, adventure, drama, romance, biography, and dozens more. Visitors to the site may also search for movies by release year.

Alternatives to Putlocker

Here we compiled a list of 35 best Putlocker alternatives sites to watch your favorite movies and Tvshows with your family and friends.

1. Viooz

viooz the best Putlocker alternatives

Viooz is a web-based library of thousands of movies that are free to watch online and download. If you want to watch online streaming, all you have to do is install the flash player. The streaming may take some time to begin, so please be patient while you watch your favorite movies. It exclusively offers movies, so don’t expect to find TV shows or TV-based series on this website. The movie database may be searched by movies, genres, cinema, features, years, countries, and languages. Viooz is a service that allows you to access movies for free as other best  Putlocker alternatives.

In addition, you may watch movies in a variety of additional regional languages here. Even though this platform provides a large selection of entertainment alternatives, there are many issues that you should be aware of, such as delays or slow streaming. You must either clear the web cache or reload the website most of the time. Slow buffering and frequent video starts and pauses are additional concerns with this platform.

2. Icefilms


This online entertainment center’s unique selling point is that it offers its visitors a wide range of entertainment options, including movies, music, TV shows, and documentaries. This online portal’s movies, music, TV shows, and documentaries are organized alphabetically. On the other hand, visitors to this platform may search for their content in the movie search area or browse via its categories. This forum’s primary movie categories include TV shows, movies, music, standup, and other alphabetical listings of exciting things. Our top pick among Putlocker alternatives is unquestionably this one.

This platform will constantly provide you with the most engaging content available. You will need to install the flash player to watch movies online. Most videos also require the ICE Quick Stream, and you will almost certainly be required to install the DivX Player. Just click on a movie, you will be sent to a page with basic information about it. : the narrative, genre, cast, and IMDB ranking. The movie comments will also be shown. This online portal does not keep any files on its server for the reader’s knowledge.

3. Primewire

primewire as Putlocker alternatives

The PrimeWire online service is widely regarded as having one of the largest movie catalogs available on the internet. It is a collection of movies and TV shows that can be viewed online or downloaded. Keeping in mind the primary goal of watching movies online, tap the selected movie. Users can choose between Watch link 1 and Watch link 2. You may be sent to the advertisement page instead of the video film, so click again. If you’re looking for a good Putlocker alternatives, you must check this site.

As soon as you get to the page, press play, and the buffering process will begin before you can watch the movie. PrimeWire.ag does not hold any video movies on its server for the information of its users. A substantial portion of the videos may require the DivX plugin, in which case you will also need to install DivX. Some users may experience difficulties with the platform owing to buffering speed issues, as it demands high-speed internet to watch lag-free movies.

4. TheWatchSeries


TheWatchSeries. is an online entertainment store that sells full-length TV series and seasons. However, hundreds of movies and films of many genres are also included in this forum’s database. Everything on the platform is free to browse, watch, download, and share with others. The data may be accessed by typing a name into the search field or browsing various categories. It is famous Putlocker alternatives site among other websites.

This platform’s data is organized into series, newest episodes, this week’s most popular episodes, TV schedule, and TV program genres. The most convenient aspect of this platform is that users may learn about the scheduling and timetable of their favorite TV shows by browsing the TV schedule section. The user-friendly online interface will allow users to search for their favorite free entertainment. This website gives visitors direct video hosting links to obtain their materials.

5. 123movies

123Movies famous Putlocker alternatives

123Movies.To is a site where you can view and even download HD movies for free. The most appealing aspect of this website is that it has thoroughly covered every box office films. For the same reason, it is a global movie provider for moviegoers from almost every nation who are looking for free Asian, American, Hollywood, and other box office movies. Its services are accessible without the need for registering. It is, by far, the most reliable Putlocker alternatives site.

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This platform’s user-friendly online layout allows visitors to search for their favorite movie or TV program by genre, nation, TV series, top IMDBs, news, etc. If your favorite movies or TV shows are not available, you may send a request to the site, and it will make every series accommodate you. This online portal does not keep any files on its server for the reader’s information. Instead, other parties provide the content that is offered there.

6. Solarmovie

solarmovie popular Putlocker alternatives

You can consider SolarMovie in best Putlocker alternatives websites. It is a compilation of the best and most current HD movies on the internet. Rather than hosting the movies on its servers, it just provides live streaming and downloading links. The basic and user-friendly web style of the forum features a handy movie search option on the main page. Visitors just need to input the title of the movie into this search form to have free and rapid access to the film. Visitors may also look for movies by categories, such as top or new releases.

Furthermore, this portal offers a variety of sections, the most notable of which are new movies, HD movies, most popular, newest, coming soon, and genre searches. Above all, there is a separate comment section where you may read other people’s assessments and thoughts in the form of comments. There is also a discussion forum for film fans. When you click on a movie, it will lead you to a thorough description that covers everything from the release date to the duration and cast to the language and genres.

7. Movie4k


Movie4k.to is an online archive for watching incredible movies from the past. It offers the best collection of everything, from classic to current, and it is organized alphabetically and by genre.
This platform also offers adult and XXX movies. The movies provided here may be searched by entering the title into the movie search field or by browsing the movies area, which includes movies in categories such as theatre movies, latest updates, genres, random movies, and RSS feed.It is the famous Putlocker alternatives site in our list.

TV shows may also be searched with this search engine. There are tens of thousands of movies, TV shows, and XXX movies available. Just click on a movie, you will be sent to a page with basic information about it. : the narrative, genre, cast, and IMDB ranking. The remarks on the movies will be displayed in the comment area as well. Unfortunately, the site has one flaw: it gives torrent site URLs to download the movies in most cases.

8. Losmovies

losmovies Putlocker alternatives

How can we forget LosMovies in our list of best Putlocker alternatives sites. LosMovies is an online entertainment service for folks who enjoy watching their favorite movies and stuff online. The most delicate part is that it always gives high-quality content to its visitors and does not redirect them to other host websites. All movies advertised on the website will only be available for viewing on their website. That is the ideal way to receive dependable and genuine movies. You will need to install the flash player to watch movies online. Most videos also require the DivX Player, so you will almost certainly be required to install that.

The movies on this platform may be searched for using the search box. The categories include latest, popular, HD movies, 3D movies, new releases, English subtitled movies, TV shows, genres, countries, actors, directors, and top movie lists. Its database is regularly updated, and users can contribute movies to it. Of course, you’ll need a fast and robust internet connection to experience flawless streaming. In the meanwhile, you may download movies and TV shows.

9. Archive.org


Archive.org is a website that provides free entertainment and information. It is a collection of millions of free movies, music, books, software, and other items. Archive.org now boasts the best collection of about 2.4 million movies and 2.8 million music songs. Archive.org’s database always contains the most valuable and instructive materials. You may search the data here using Archive.org’s sophisticated search engine or browse Archive.org’s collections system. As we all know Archive.org is also the best source to watch movies and Tvshows and among reliable Putlocker alternatives.

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Archive.org also has a lot of community content on a variety of topics. The films accessible at Archive.org include a wide range of genres, including thrillers, fantasy, comedies, action, adventure, horror, vampires, and much more. Simply select the desired movie by clicking on it. When you click on a movie or series movie, you will obtain a summary of the movie, such as the narrative or storyline. You will be given all available download choices. It will supply you with all of the download links for the videos. As a result, it provides download links to other websites in such an instance. In terms of streaming, Archive.org offers online streaming to its visitors via its website.

10. Mydownloadtube


MyDownloadTube.com as a Putlocker alternatives is a website where you can watch and download movies for free. This online entertainment company consistently provides its visitors with high-quality movies that can be downloaded in 720p, 1080p, and 2K versions. The number of movies accessible here is restricted, but you will always be able to watch top-rated, high-quality, full-length movies that are free to stream and download.

The movies are organized into the following categories: highlighted movies, most popular movies, recently added movies, most downloaded movies, all movies, and coming soon. Aside from movies, it also provides games for PC that are free to download for everyone. Again, the games are divided into categories such as highlighted games, most popular games, recently added games, most downloaded games, all games, and coming soon.

11. FMovies


FMovies is a fun platform that offers a wide range of movies. The website’s interface is excellent, and people quickly find the most relevant items because genres sort movies, latest releases, recommendations, most-watched, most-favorited, and alphabet sorting as the search option requires a keyword if the individual does not remember the name and then only opens the results that match the query. It’s impossible to overlook it as the top Putlocker alternatives website.

This platform incorporates additional extensions, such as FMovies.to and FMovies.ps, which manage the load across all platforms, but all other extensions are not part of the organization. Users may watch the high quality and lawful stuff (depending on their internet speed). Its simple user interface makes it easy for users to operate.

12. MovieOnline


MovieOnline has been around for a long and has earned the trust of people who want to watch material online without paying or downloading anything. It has several features that demonstrate its use. The best part about this application is that people do not have to pay anything for the material, which gives it an advantage over comparable websites. In addition, the option of binge-watching assures that you do not need to make any modifications and may spend your weekend unexpectedly watching movies. It is among the best Putlocker alternatives to watch movies.

The new films area is for those who wish to watch the most recent content updated regularly. The search box on Movies Online io helps users discover videos without navigating around. In addition, the list section provides a complete view of all the movies in the database; choose the section and click to play the selection without hesitation. Overall, the website has one of the most excellent interfaces and has a greater chance of being famous.

13. Gostream


This website has a large movie collection as other best Putlocker alternatives where you can find any movie of any genre, such as comedy, thriller, romance, fiction, drama, and so on. Along with the most current and historical films, there are seasons and reality programs from all over the globe.

This platform also allows you to download your favorite movies and seasons. This site does not require registration since you can watch and download movies for free. With the aid of the Gostream to MP4 online downloader, free video and movie downloads have become more accessible.

14. Watch2gether


Watch2gether.com allows you to watch internet videos with your friends whenever and anywhere you like. In addition, you may listen to music in rhythm with your friends with videos. It features a video and music player that is synced. There are also integrated chat rooms.

Famous video sites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Soundcloud, and Vimeo provide video material. In addition, you and your friends may explore and purchase online at the well-known Amazon site. You may also create a playlist from your video and music content on this site. With a webcam, an online chat option is also accessible. Because it is free, no registration is necessary. so you can consider it the best Putlocker alternatives.

15. Letmewatchthis.com


LetMeWatchThis.com is a video streaming platform that offers various movies to watch online. It doesn’t matter if it’s a comedy, romance, thriller, or drama. This forum has movies of all genres. You do not need to register as a watcher; all you have to do is click the movie and watch it online. If the site is not working due to any reasons you should consider Putlocker alternatives as Letmewatchthis alternatives sites.

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More than 5000 movie titles, both new and old, are available in the library. TV shows, in addition to movies, are included in the collection. The management regularly updates the massive movie database to ensure that you spend quality time.

16. Zmovies.cc


ZMovies.cc is a fantastic and dynamic website for free online movie streaming and downloading. It allows users to download many new and old movies instantaneously. The site mainly provides famous movies from the Hollywood film industry; however, users may also stream and download a range of TV series, TV shows, and documentaries without any registration or restrictions. It has fast servers; Thus, there will be no latency for users.

The platform is one of the most famous movie streaming and downloading websites. Users type their movie query in the search tab on the navigation bar and then download or stream their favorite movies by clicking on the given links. It offers a simple, eye-catching, and user-friendly interface created explicitly for audiences ranging from illiterate to highly literate.

17. 9anime


9anime is a specialized and targeted anime-based content site that allows users to obtain all types of animated movies and videos. In reality, 9anime is a massive encyclopedia of anime-based movies. Anime fans from all around the world visit our website for anime stuff. Users may discover all types of anime movies based on various genres such as action, romance, comedy, etc. The website offers all anime content and videos for users to stream online and the option to download. Users may simply search for their anime movie by name or use a range of criteria such as year of release and genre. 9anime as the top Putlocker alternatives website lets you stream movies in high quality on your laptop or computer.

18. Filmgan


Filmgan.pw is a sister site of Moviegan.com. Both of these options are provided by the same company. This additional site aims to give a broader range of material while avoiding traffic collisions on the websites’ servers. As moviegan.com is already well-known and has thousands of active users from all around the world. Thousands of people streaming online impact a server’s operation and produce distortion. Moviegan.com established Filmgan.pw as their alternative site, which is new and has a larger server for customer support, to increase the efficiency and quality of the site. Filmgan seems discontinued so you can consider Putlocker alternatives to watch movies and TV shows.


19. Moviegan.com


Moviegan.com is a fantastic online video streaming service that offers a massive selection of movies and television shows. The site has an extensive collection of Indian, Korean, Chinese, and Thai movies and Hollywood movies. Users may stream their favorite movies online by selecting a category from the navigation bar. It is one of the top Putlocker alternatives available on the internet, according to our research.

The site features a very simple graphical user interface and is very easy to use for any type of user. Users may also download their favorite movies and television shows for free; they must first register. In addition, users may not only stream for free but also download videos after creating a free account.

20. Putlockertv


Putlockertv.to is my own preferred online video streaming and movie-watching platform. This site provides everything a person may want to envision when streaming online. In addition, users will never longer miss a single new movie because the movies are updated in real-time as they are launched. Like other top Putlocker alternatives available, This site is a viable alternative for Putlocker since it offers shows and movies from various genres.

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Aside from new and classic movies, users may stream and download their favorite TV shows, reality shows, and TV series. In addition, users may search for their favorite movies by genre and even year of release. The highlighted section comprises the best-rated movies and television shows of all time.

21. Justwatch.com

Justwatch Putlocker alternatives

JustWatch.com is more than just an online video streaming site; it is also an extensive search engine that allows users worldwide to search for and watch their favorite videos. Users must first pick their region, after which they must register for free. It is simply the best Putlocker alternatives on our list.

The site covers all of the world’s famous countries from every continent. Priority is assigned to countries based on their user population. The site is a streaming search engine that allows users to search for any type of video available in their geographical location. This search in the engine is already well-known among users worldwide, and it is only growing in popularity with time.

22. Butterproject.org


ButterProject.org is a great desktop application jam-packed with all of the most recent and cutting-edge features and topographies. Unlike the other websites on the market for the same reason, this one is a large platform that offers tremendous functionality and features in terms of online video streaming and movie downloading. It is of course the best Putlocker alternatives we have on our list.

The site’s functioning is pretty simple, and any site user may efficiently use it for downloading and streaming their favorite stuff. Users may not only stream and download videos and movies, but they can also share their collections with friends and family. Before using, users must first create an account, and after registering for free, they may download movies, stream online, and even share.

23. MovieRill


MovieRill, sometimes known as MovieZion, is a well-known online movie watching and downloading service. The site already has thousands of devoted active users who are delighted with the general operation of the site, and the number is continuously growing. The site is unique in its functionality and has so much more to offer than the other similar sites on the market. Before seeing a movie, users may watch the trailers and read the reviews. It aids in choosing which movie to stream or download. On the other hand, the site offers many ranking-based lists that aggregate all of the top-rated movies in one spot. Aside from that, users may manually search for a movie by name or by the genre lists organized in the navigation bar.

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24. Shaanig

shaanig as Putlocker alternatives

Shaanig.se is yet another excellent online movie and video streaming site. It offers extensive customer support, and the site’s most significant feature is its user-friendliness and interactive graphical user interface. Every user may watch and download their favorite movie for free. The website has an extensive collection of new and classic movies from all categories and genres. Users may search for anything they wish to view, such as action, romance, or a thriller. Aside from movies, users may also download or stream their favorite TV shows and series online. It is one of the most well-liked Putlocker alternatives available online.

25. Flixster


This excellent service allows its users to stream their favorite movies on the move while also allowing them to download them. Moreover, the movies are categorized and classified in many ways. Therefore, it provides a relaxing and lag-free experience to its users. yet, it is presently the best Putlocker alternatives site.

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Users may easily search for their preferred movies by typing the movie’s title into the search field. Aside from inputting the name, users may also select from the highlighted movie sets and a range of genre-based lists featuring a vast array of movies. Users may also watch their favorite TV shows and series online.

26. Pandamovies

PandaMovies is a popular streaming movie website with millions of users worldwide. In addition to free streaming, the site offers free downloading to its users. Because of its ease of use and convenience, the site is trendy. It provides a highly stylish and eye-catching user interface that catches consumers’ attention at first sight.

The constantly moving movie posters of the featured movie give the site a current and premium appearance. The site’s best feature is that it does not irritate users with adverts, as most other similar users of streaming sites do. The site is secure and does not redirect users to any other websites. Streaming and downloading are so simple that every user may use the site on the fly for their individual needs

27. Movie4u

movies4u as Putlocker alternatives

Movie4u is a free movie streaming service and the best Putlocker alternatives site where you can watch and download movies. Even though the site is new to the market and does not have as many users as the other rival sites in the market, despite such stiff competition, this site has successfully gained the attention of the users.

There are several movies available, ranging from action to drama, from Hollywood to Bollywood, and in various languages. You may also watch your favorite TV shows since it offers multiple online series and TV shows. This forum operates on the quickest servers available, ensuring no delay.

28. MovieStars


Users of this software may watch free online movies and download them to watch later in offline mode. The website must have a massive selection of movies and well-known and highly rated television series and shows. Users may use this website to watch vintage, classic, and recently released movies. The movies on the site are classified based on their release date and genre. The site promises to be an online cinema, offering its users a complete cinematic experience when watching a movie online on this unique site. Even though the site is new to the market and is not widely known, it has thousands of users worldwide. You should go to the website since it deserves to be on the list of the best Putlocker alternatives.

29. Watchmoviesfree

Wmoviesfree is the best Putlocker alternatives

It is one of the best Putlocker alternatives for watching movies. WatchMoviesFree.us is another incredible and mind-blowing free online movie streaming and downloading service. Users may download free movies on the fly and watch them online. The site offers a very simple and dynamic user interface that entices users to access this type of website for watching and downloading their favorite movies. Users may search for a movie directly by entering its title in the search window, or they can browse through many various categories. The filters include movie listings based on their movie, which gives the user a better sense of the movie.

30. Hubmovie


Hubmovie.cc provides one of the quickest, easiest, and safest ways to watch your favorite movies and TV shows in high quality anytime and wherever you want. The Hubmovie.cc app offers unique movie and TV program streaming with no need for an account, no monthly subscription, and no pop-ups or bogus links. You can consider as the best Putlocker alternatives.

This fantastic online multimedia streaming platform focuses not only on giving a better streaming experience but also on the users themselves. Hubmovie app is routinely monitored and is constantly adding new material and features to provide you with a unique user experience. You may use the Hubmovie.cc platform for free and begin watching your preferred material anytime and wherever you want.

31. Animania

Animania the best Putlocker alternatives

Animania is a low-cost Android application that helps you find your favorite Japanese animation series and allows you to stream or download episodes in high quality. It is the best app and also Putlocker alternatives you should download. The classic function of this platform includes browsing the catalog by typing in the series you want to find, browsing the content by writing its total popularity and release date, and playing episodes using high-class built-in media players, allowing you to watch your episodes in 720p, 1080p, 4K HD, and 8K ultra HD.

All episodes are organized into broad categories such as genre, latest episodes, most downloaded or watched, top-rated, and available format or resolution, which is not accessible on any other traditional platform. Moreover, its offline streaming capability persuades you to manage your series without an internet connection and restart or play series at any time.

32. WatchFree


WatchFree.to is a website that offers free TV shows and movies. The platform’s movies and TV shows may be watched or downloaded to watch offline. The movies and TV shows accessible may be searched in two ways: through the search box, where visitors must enter the title, or through the database. They may also sort the data by clicking on different genres. It has a beautiful, fluid, and user-friendly interface free of any complexity. It is a one-of-a-kind Putlocker alternatives website.

For the readers’ information, most of the movies and TV shows available there are supported by Putlocker, but it also has its collection of movies and TV shows. Furthermore, in addition to delivering streaming on its server, it also gives many different host providers access. By clicking on any movie or TV program, a new page will appear with all the movie’s information, such as genres, release date, and runtime. As a result, you will also receive information on the movie and a synopsis of its plot.

33. Megashare

Megashare as Putlocker alternatives

MegaShare is a free online entertainment portal that offers top-rated and full-length Hollywood movies. It also provides web series to its visitors in addition to movies. The movies may be divided into action, adventure, animation, comedy, drama, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, thriller, war, and many other categories. In addition, the series is accessible under action & adventure, cartoon, manga, comedy, drama, science, Asian dramas, science fiction, classics, reality, game shows, and more. It is one of the most well-known and great Putlocker alternatives on our list.

This platform offers movies from its database and links to other websites. When you click on a movie or series movie, you will obtain a summary of the movie, such as the narrative or storyline. In addition, other information on movies will be presented to you, such as the writer, director, cast, release date, and genres. You can also read the comments left by other visitors and leave your own. The user rating feature is also available if you wish to rate a movie.

34. Movie25


Movie25.me is a website with hundreds of movies that are free to watch online or download and watch later. In addition to movies, it also offers the most recent TV shows. There are three ways to search for data on the portal. The first is to use the search bar, where you must enter the exact name of the movie, and the second is to browse through the sections, which are categorized into movies, TV shows, new releases, latest added, features, top-rated, alphabet, and release year. If you’re looking for a good Putlocker alternatives, you must check this site.

The third method is to investigate by genre, the most popular of which are adventure, action, comedy, mystery, musical, short, sport, thriller, and hundreds of others. In terms of the amount of movies and TV shows available, this platform offers one of the most extensive entertainment databases available on the internet, which anybody may access for free. It, like other movie-related websites, does not host or post videos. All of the movies, however, are free to view and download. The movies available on this page are hosted on third-party websites and shared by others.

35. Zmoviess

Zmoviess Putlocker alternatives

Zmovie is a free movie streaming service where you may watch movies online or download them to watch later. In addition to movies, it also offers the most recent TV shows. There are three ways to search for data on the portal. The first is to use the search bar, where you must enter the exact name of the movie, and the second is to browse through the sections, which are categorized into movies, TV shows, new releases, latest added, features, top-rated, alphabet, and release year. You can also visit zmoviess.co. Last but not least it is the best Putlocker alternatives.

The third method is to investigate by genre, the most popular of which are adventure, action, comedy, mystery, musical, short, sport, thriller, and hundreds of others. In terms of the amount of movies and TV shows available, this platform offers one of the most extensive entertainment databases available on the internet, which anybody may access for free. It, like other movie-related websites, does not host or post videos. Instead, the movies available on this page are hosted on third-party websites and shared by others. All of the movies, however, are free to view and download.

The majority of Putlocker content is also available on these sites. Therefore, if you cannot watch your favorite shows on Putlocker, you may use these alternatives to continue streaming and enjoying your favorite shows.

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