15 Best Sites to Download Movie Subtitles

Best Sites to Download Movie Subtitles Free

This article is about the best sites to download movie subtitles. Subtitles are text-based on either a transcript or screenplay of the dialogue or commentary in movies, TV shows, video games, and the like. They are always shown at the bottom of the screen and at the top of the screen in case there is already text at the bottom of the screen.

Subtitles aren’t just for the deaf; they also assist you in learning unfamiliar languages and interpreting difficult-to-follow conversations. If you watch a movie on DVD or Blu-ray, there may be a subtitle track. Usually, only one or two languages are available (if at all). 

Fortunately, there are various places to download subtitle tracks for famous and obscure movies. This lets you watch movies in languages other than your native language.

Best Sites to Download Movie Subtitles

In this article you will know about the best sites to download Movie subtitles in 100 different languages. So what are you waiting for just try which site meets your need.

1. OpenSubtitles


OpenSubtitles is the first site to check if you want to download subtitles. The site has one of the largest collections of movie subtitles on the internet (nearly five million).

The site is worldwide, with over 50 different language options to pick from, allowing you to search the area in languages ranging from Aragonese to Vietnamese. It is at the top of our list of best sites to download Movie subtitles.

Each upload includes a movie title, upload date, comments, and an overall rating for the quality of the given subtitles. You may seek subtitles submitted by other users using the conspicuous search box at the top. In addition, a sophisticated search box allows you to search by age, rating, format, and other criteria.

However, the site does not just provide movie subtitles. You may also download TV series subtitles and join the community forum, where users offer help and recommendations for finding the finest subtitles.

2. English Subtitles


This well-called site offers fast subtitles downloads for hundreds of movies and current television episodes. Other than the most recent uploads featured on the top page, the interface offers a search bar but no browsing capability.

3. Addic7ed


As you might expect from the name, Addic7ed (meaning addicted) strives to be a one-stop-shop for movie subtitles. It’s one of the subtitles sites that, like OpenSubtitles, provides downloads for movies and TV series.

To download subtitles, you must first join up for Addic7ed. After logging in, you may search for movies using a search box or navigate through a drop-down menu. New releases are prominently featured in an RSS feed at the top of the page. Hope your search ends here for best sites to download Movie subtitles.

To help you keep organized, the site also provides a schedule of the future episodes of your favorite TV series (with relevant links to subtitles provided). It also has a FAQ and support forums to ask questions and tutorial sections that explain how to use subtitles with popular programs.

Addic7ed, like OpenSubtitles, is available in various languages, ranging from Arabic to Swedish.

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4. Downsub

Download Subtitles

Like other best sites to download Movie subtitles, Downsub offers subtitles from YouTube, Viki, VIU, and Vlive. It does not need any third-party programs to download subtitle files; instead, copy and paste the video’s URL into the site. Downsub works with the SRT, VTT, and TXT file formats.

5. Podnapisi

Latest subtitles

While it may appear as Podnapisi caters to the foreign market, this English-language site for movie subtitles is one of the cleanest and easiest to use. The site offers over 2 million subtitles for download and over 58,000 movies and 6,000 TV episodes.

Podnapisi is divided into distinct categories, with the main page showing a list of the most recently posted subtitles, as well as sections showing the most recently best-rated, most downloaded, and most commented-on uploads. if you are searching for best sites to download Movie subtitles you must try Podnapisi.

Podnapisi, like other large subtitles sites, has a comprehensive search function that allows you to search by keywords, years, language, and other options. If you’re having trouble, an active support forum lets you ask questions and debate the most recent releases.

A community effort is presently ongoing to translate the site, with different languages ranging from Afrikaans to Xhosa available.

6. Moviesubtitles.org


It is among the best sites to download Movie subtitles you should try in 2022. Moviesubtitles.org shows subtitles for the most popular movies in an easy-to-use interface. Subtitles obtained from this site are compressed using WinZip, making them open. In addition, titles are alphabetically organized, making it easy to find the file you’re looking for.

7. YIFY Subtitles

YIFY Subtitles

YIFY Subtitles, named after the well-known pirate group and designed with their releases in mind, is another simple-to-use site for downloading subtitles. However, YIFY Subtitles, unlike some of the other prominent sites, solely offer movie subtitles for download. How can we neglect YIFY subtitles in the list of best sites to download Movies subtitles.

Don’t be frightened off by the link to the piracy group—YIFY Subtitles is secure and piracy-free, with downloads in several languages. In addition, the home page offers a list of popular and newly released movies and sections that separate movies by language.

If you’re looking for a particular movie, the search bar should come in handy since it has an autosuggestion function that lets you find a specific release as you enter. In addition, a page devoted to each movie offers information about the movie, such as its duration, release date, and rating, as well as a list of accessible subtitles.

The site itself is free to use and does not require registration. However, the site only accepts existing subtitles; you cannot upload your own.

8. Subtitle Seeker

Subtitles for famous TV Series

TVsubs has almost 3,000 programs available in sixteen languages and it is of course best sites to download Movie subtitles. The interface is easy to use, albeit a little old-fashioned in design, and includes a search bar and sections for Most Popular and New Subtitles. In addition, subtitles are downloaded in a Zip file that may be readily accessed.

9. Movie Subtitles SRT


SRT offers hundreds of titles through an easy-to-use interface. The homepage provides TV Series, Tamil Movies, and Hollywood, making it easy to search for movies of both Indian and American origin. As name says it is also the best sites to download Movie subtitles.

10. DIVX Subtitles

English Subtitles for DivX Movies

While the site looks and sounds like it belongs in the early 2000s, DIVX Subtitles is still a valuable resource for finding subtitles to download, especially for older releases. The site has been up and running since at least 2002. (and before that by a different owner).

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DIVX Subtitles updates continue to come through, especially for significant releases and non-English movies. You may search the site by topic, language, format, or rating, but you can also view the most recent submissions on the category page. It is known as the best sites to download Movie subtitles.

If you cannot find the subtitles for an older or foreign language movie, DIVX Subtitles may be able to assist. In addition, many of the subtitles on the site are accessible in languages other than English.

This makes DIVX Subtitles a great resource if you’re having difficulty watching English-language movies (or if you want to enhance your abilities in other languages).

11. Subscene


Subscene has been operating since roughly 2005, delivering subtitles in various languages, including ones specifically targeted for the hearing challenged. The layout is straightforward, with an extensive search bar at the top and a list of popular movies and forum discussions on the first page. With no doubt it is best sites to download Movie subtitles.

It provides regular user updates and a sign-up page where you may contribute your subtitles. Subtitles for subtitles and movie shows, as well as popular music videos, are all accessible.

If you’re having trouble with the site, you can raise a question on the community forum. There are hundreds of topics here, with articles in numerous languages giving debates and tutorials.

Each movie has an entry page that includes information on the movie itself, such as the year of release and a list of subtitles arranged by user-generated ratings and comments.

12. Subtitle Seeker

Subtitle Seeker

Subtitle Seeker aggregates files from over twenty other subtitle websites, making it a good source for subtitles that are difficult to find otherwise. In addition, the site has an easy-to-use interface featuring a search bar. It is in the list of our best sites to download Movie subtitles.

13. isubtitles


As other best sites to download Movie subtitles, Isubtitles offers hundreds of titles in many languages with a simple interface that includes a search bar and a browse option. An IMDB rating accompanies each title. In addition, the movies are categorized by genre and country of origin.

14. Subtitles.hr

Subtitles hr alternative sites

Despite its archaic design, Subtitles.hr has an easy-to-use interface. Users may use the search box to find a title or browse movie titles alphabetically. Downloads are simple to start and easy. Infact it is one of the best sites to download Movies subtitles.

15. Subdl


Subdl features a beautiful interface for movie subtitle search in over sixty languages. The homepage includes a search bar. If you are looking for best sites to download Movie subtitles, give it a try.

Finding the Best Movie Subtitles

These subtitles sites are valuable; however, they are managed by volunteers and, in some cases, are heavily ad-supported. So use your discretion, but you may want to consider disabling adverts on these sites to get the most out of them.

So this is article on best sites to download Movie subtitles. If you can’t find the correct subtitles for a movie, you might create your video subtitles instead. Read article on how to Download and Watch Movies on Amazon Firestick.

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